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Watch “Wake Up Call” on YouTube

Wake Up Call:

I was awakened right after falling asleep with this on my heart. I have had this message on my heart for a while but we didn’t have our computer and we (I) have been distracted. But this could not wait any longer for me to be ready to sit down and share. So, I stepped outside on our porch and recorded the video on my phone so that I wouldn’t disturb anyone that was asleep in the house, lol.


The message is important! Jesus is returning. He may not return until long after I have passed away due to a natural death. But, He may return sooner than we think. You know, I just remembered something that came to me the other day. We are told in the Word that in the Last Days it will be as in the days of Noah. We are told that people will be eating and drinking and marrying and will think nothing of the Last Days. There will be no fear of what is to come. I wondered whenever I was younger how that could be so. I wondered how there could ever be a day when the world would not be looking for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Did you know that I think that there are even many Christians (or those who consider themselves to be followers of Jesus), today, who are not really looking for Jesus to return anytime soon? Everyone seems to think that since no one knows the day nor the hour except for the Father, that the day is a long way off and that there is not even a reason to worry about it. I tell you that Jesus told us to watch and to be diligent in following Him. Think about the parable of the 10 virgins who were waiting for the Bridegroom to return. Half of them were caught unprepared for his return and were left outside the gates and were not allowed to enter the wedding banquet.

There have been so many false prophets that have proclaimed a certain day or year for the Rapture to take place that many hear warnings of this being the Last Days and shrug it off. This is one way that we have a time where no one takes this seriously.

More to come later about all of these things, but for now, I must get some sleep. God bless you and keep you! Thanks for reading and for watching our videos. Most of all, we pray that you know Jesus!