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GMO Foods Are a Problem

Why are children and even so many adults suffering from so many ailments, health conditions, cancers, etc?
I was asking the Lord about this recently. I have been pondering the difference between the average health of people today versus when I was growing up. I have been wondering what is the bid difference? I am going to be 48 years old soon and I realize that many young people have no idea how much things have changed in such a short time…
The health problems so many see today are NOT normal! I have seen different theories being put forth about what is going on in our people and with their health. There is a lot that is going on and a lot of it is not right! But what the Lord woke me up with this morning and caused me to do a little research about is that WE HAVE ALLOWED OUR FOOD SUPPLY TO BE GENETICALLY ALTERED. We as a people in this country have misplaced our trust and put it in the government and corporations that have become too corrupt with greed and total lack of regard for what happens to those they harm.
It will take a miracle to get us back on track. We need to reclaim the government and get much of the government out of the “businesses” they are in. Our health should not be risked by trying out foods that are altered genetically so that big companies can profit off of us as guinea pigs. Studies already show that these foods cause major problems in animals. I will post a link to just one article that will blow you away if you take the time to read it.
For convenience and vanity and pride, we have bought and eaten what has been marketed and sold to us without regard for how God created us and how He perfectly engineered our bodies and the food supply to work together for our good. In ignorance and foolishness we have trusted our government, the FDA, and the big corporations to not allow us to be fed things that would harm us. And yet, there is 85 % of the corn in the US and 70-90% of the processed foods in our stores that are genetically modified. How did we get here? By not being concerned about these foods that are available and marketed to us because we trusted the wrong ones to be over what we eat….
I get it! I am one of those who have not cared and I have just been living my life the best I knew how for most of it. And I really wasn’t doing a good job. But I thank God that He is waking me up to what is really going on around me.
I hope to change the way that my family and I eat and to care more about who is making decisions regarding these types of issues. We are a government that is supposed to be by the people and for the people, but we have allowed people to be in places of power who really have NO REGARD for the people of this country – they only care about their own personal gains. And I am not talking about any one person!!! I am talking about both parties, and most politicians. A politician, to me, a this point, is someone who seeks to rule over others and to gain power and money for an easy life and that does not care about the common good, really. They also do not want to follow the same rules they wish to force on others. For me, I would rather any non-politician to gain office in any area of government than any career or self-claimed politician. And our food supply is just one of the reasons that I say this…
Here is a link to just one article that I found that supports what I am saying.
The article is on and I feel like have been on my soap box in this post. But the Lord woke me up with this heavily on my heart at 4 a.m. and I know He wanted me to write about it. If you have a child suffering from some strange ailment or unusual condition, please consider changing your diet to include non-GMO foods. The Lord showed me that there is a direct relationship between childhood conditions and these foods that have been so altered from their natural state.
Also, He did reveal to me that we are just like Jesus spoke of when He spoke about how it will be at the end of the times. He compared the days to those of Noah where the people had no idea that the flood was coming and they were eating and drinking and marrying – not knowing that the flood was on it’s way. They were completely ignorant of what was going on – even though Noah warned them. So, I know, many may not hear this. But I pray that if you have ears to hear that you take steps to change your diet, help force these companies out of business by refusing to buy their products, increase the demand for real and natural food by demanding their availability, and PRAY for our country and for leaders of great conscience who serve us well for the common good!
God bless you in the name of Jesus!
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Sound the Alarm! Make Preparations! Man Is Not the Answer

Something that I, Angela, feel very strongly about –
one reason I got back up out of bed- (on June 29, 2014)
something that I think needs to be made known!

We do need to sound the alarm!

We need to trim our lamps and have an ample supply of oil and be ready for our bridegroom!
We do not know the day nor the hour!

If we don’t see the return of Jesus in our lifetime – what about our children??
Grandchildren?? Others who are lost??

Also – throughout the history of mankind, mankind has tried to do everything on his own. Those who reject God would like to eliminate the need for God, but they CANNOT.

Man does not have the answers!

Mankind on our own, in our sinful nature, bear forth no good fruit
we do not excel in love, purity, compassion, courage, generosity, patience, forgiveness, etc…

Human love is not enough
Modern medicine is not enough
Technology is not enough
Knowledge is not enough
Science is not enough
Scientific study is not enough
Government is not enough
Political ideology is not enough

We cannot create enough, sustain enough, heal enough, entertain enough, build enough, understand enough, feel enough, care enough…

Not to cure, heal, feed, house, clothe, govern, manage, sustain, love … enough …

of all of the problems in the world, which one have we completely ended?

God has allowed us to wander, to try to do these things on our own – globally, again – to advance again as high as our modern man-made or man produced anything could take us – so that we can see that we are not and will never be enough on our own to fix and solve and prevent our man-made human condition.

God has given to us the only solution and that is in JESUS CHRIST!

(Trim our lamps and have an ample supply of oil refers to Matthew 25:1-13. Also refers to dying to ourselves, taking up our crosses, living for Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit and having a fresh anointing every day and for every task.)