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Stand in Faith

Whatever faith you have at any given moment
Stand in that faith
Proclaim that faith
Rejoice in that faith
In the midst of undeserved angry attack
In the midst of illness
In the midst of chaos
In the midst of uncertainty
Stand in the faith that you do have
Even if it is just one attribute of God
Even if it is just one verse that comes to mind
Even though you don’t know what the answer will look like
Even though you don’t know exactly how it’s gonna go
Stand in the moment in the faith that you have
Trust in that moment the faith that you are given
Be glad for the assurance that you do have
Allow that assurance to calm you
Allow Jesus to give you peace
See Him fight your battle
And give you victory

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Victory in Jesus

STOP forgetting the victories that God has given to you in Jesus Christ and
The mountains that He moved for you in the past were only stepping stones.

Go over rejoicing!
Psalm 84:7 They go from strength to strength,
till each appears before God in Zion.
You are going from one victory to another, PRAISE Father God in Christ Jesus for His mercies endure forever and His love is unfailing!
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