What Channel Are You On?

What Channel Are You On?

What channel are you on?

To what are you attuned?

Are you tuned in to this world?

Paying attention to its every bleep and blur?

With its every fear, do you concur?

Be careful what you receive.

You have been so deceived.

You think this world is everything

You echo its every ring.

I came to show you true love

And give you life more abundantly

Some of you, this, you believe

But what has become your focal reception?

Rejection, lies, hate, deceit?

Listen to your soul within

Lest your spirit remain unfed.

Tune in to Me and receive your daily bread.

The bread of life I break with you

And feed you gently, tenderly.

This act a thing unseen, not of this world,

As are the messages of love unfurled.

When at last you turn your attention,

You choose to correct your reception,

And change the channel of life, your soul,

And Me you choose to behold,

I am here, with you everywhere,

And, yes, I really do care.

Become attuned to Love, Hope, Joy

And share them with all.

For what you share with others

You share with Me.

What you believe is reality,

Is the reality you create.

Attune yourself to I Am,

To Jesus, the eternal Master.

Become a co-creator of that

Which is good, pure and holy.

What channel are you on?

What channel were you on?

What channel do you choose – to Be?

            written by Angela Dingler all rights reserved 2016


Can You See the Beauty?

I do apologize that this video is not aesthetically beautiful. But I promise you, just listen to what I was led to share with you in all honesty and vulnerability as I surrender to the will of my LORD and you will see the beauty. Of course I did not share this because I thought that you would be awed by any physical beauty, lol. This is spiritual beauty that can only come from Jesus and a life surrendered to Him. When we lose our life, that is when we find it and that truth is gorgeous, amazing, and freeing! God bless you!