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Why Does God Give Us Rules and Will We Face Consequences for Refusing to Listen?

I have been reading in Hosea, again. I chose to write down a few verses from Hosea and I will link to the whole book here and also put them at the end of this blog post.

Background: Hosea was a prophet of God in the Old Testament and the Lord told Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman and to have children with her and that she would cheat on him and even have children with another man – and then Hosea was to take her back unto himself and love her, again. Does that sound messed up and convoluted? Well, it does!

One thing that I have learned through studying God’s Word and even playing out in my own life is that God’s ways truly are higher than our ways and His thoughts are way higher than our own. He knows all and He also knows how to reach us. God knew that a personal example, a true life picture of His love for Israel was more powerful than just hearing about it or talking about it. God knew that seeing Hosea go through being cheated on and left for another man and then taking her back, forgiving her and loving her again would speak volumes to His people, Israel.

You see, Israel had done the same with God. God was Israel’s husbandman. Israel had grown rich and happy and strong and decided that they as a people did not need God and His rules any longer. This is where the title of this post comes from: Why does God give us rules and will we face consequences for refusing to listen?

As I was reading Hosea and seeing the similarities between Israel and America, and even between Israel and me and Jerry, I again saw a loving Father who gives rules for His people’s protection and guidance who is very hurt when His people turn from Him and reject Him. He is hurt not just by being forsaken, but also because our rejection of Him and His rules brings great pain, distress and destruction upon ourselves.

In Hosea, God spells out so much of what Israel is doing wrong and how they will be punished, but His love and compassion are also highlighted in this book. Do not miss this point! God is certainly not all about punishment!

In Hosea 11:1-11 God’s compassion is fully aroused for His people – God’s love is unfailing. He punishes/allows sin’s fullness to destruction to happen so that we repent and turn from evil and know that evil is not pretty or pleasant for ourselves. God does want us to understand that He doesn’t tell us to turn from evil and reject evil for no reason. He allows us to experience evil so that we see how ugly and painful it is for ourselves so that we know that God’s way is better and higher and beautiful. Just like we really learn not to touch something hot by getting burned – when we sin and reap the consequences, we begin to understand why it is wrong and why we want to avoid doing wrong.

Free will is about our loving Heavenly Father allowing us to grow up and mature into eternal beings created in His image who know through experience why and how that God’s way, love and purity and His Word are the best and only way. We are to carry into eternity all that we learn here on earth as God’s children.

He, Almighty God, Creator and Father, is all powerful, all knowing, pure, holy, righteous, just, merciful, gracious, loving and true – never failing and always present – to those who love Him and seek Him. To those who reject Him, they will reap eternal judgment because they choose to ignore and reject Him.

Our Lord does not wish for any human being to follow the devil into that eternal punishment. God came Himself in the flesh, the Word incarnate, as Jesus Christ, God’s Son – all God and all human, to show us the Way, to show us the possibilities, to show us just how much He loves us, to show us that He understands, to show us His compassion and tenderness and forgiveness and to redeem us all from the darkness and to set us free from this evil world and evil in the world and evil, even the devil – to bring the Light of the world into the world to dispel all fear and free us from the curse of sin and death.

God has spoken throughout all of history and has made His Word known to us. Just as Paul said in Romans – we are without excuse. Our own consciences prove this because within each man’s heart is a sense and knowledge of the difference between good and evil, what is right and what is wrong. We choose to follow our flesh and human desires because it is easier, it comes naturally and we want to experience our own version of pleasure. But we know that what we desire is wrong at times – and we want to ignore that knowledge.

We say to ourselves that those rules are stupid.

We say that those rules don’t apply to me, or this situation, or this one time…

We somehow think that because we say that right and wrong or God’s Word is not applicable – or we just don’t believe in it, makes it go away or null and void.


This is NOT true.

God’s Word is the truth no matter how much any man or woman tries to say that it is not.

No Congress or government can ever rise above God’s Word and the TRUTH that it is! And as long as our nation continues to speak lies about God and to God’s people and rejects Him and takes credit for the blessing that He has bestowed upon this country then we are sowing the wind and will reap the whirlwind. Instead of sowing righteousness and reaping the fruit of unfailing love we are planting wickedness, reaping evil and eating the fruit of deception! Because we have depended upon our own strength, wisdom and knowledge and sought after other ways of doing things and foundations of truth and have turned away from God – the roar of battle will also rise against us just as God told Israel through Hosea. O my Lord.

Yet, the Lord loves His people and we need to wake up and sound the alarm – if we yet repent and seek Him – He will yet save us!

Those who love the Lord and have ears to hear let us come together in unity and in love and fall down and seek His face. Let us repent from resting on what we thought we knew and not hearing a fresh word from the Lord and continually seeking His face. Let us repent from electing or allowing to be elected those who do not recognize God as the One who blesses and keeps us and as the One who built this country and made it great. Let us repent from seeking our own way, our own comfort and forgetting our neighbors as they struggle to find peace and hope.

It is no longer about the 9-5.

It is no longer about the “being a good and productive member of society.”

Status quo has got to go!

Do we love our neighbor as we love ourselves?

Do we really speak the truth in love?

Are we our brother’s keeper?

Do we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness?

Are we storing up treasures in heaven?

Have we set our soul’s attention on eternal blessings and things above?

Are we concerned about the souls of others and where they will spend eternity?

Have we also grown so richly blessed that we are spoiled, complacent, comfortable and resting on our own strength and understanding/

Do we recognize that everything comes from the Lord?

Do we only blame God for the bad things and not thank Him for everything?

Do we think that God is supposed to serve us? Do our prayers sound like to do lists for Him?

How serious are we about God?

How well do we know Jesus?

Do we hear Jesus speak to our heart – on our own – or do we depend on our pastor or the latest best-selling devotional?

When are we going to wake up from our comfortable – lukewarm – slumber? He will spew us out of His mouth!

A return! A return to Jesus and the gospel!

A call to unity in Christ! Drop the titles, drop the lines drawn by denomination, drop the programs, drop the studies and proclaim: REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM IS AT HAND!

Jesus is returning – do you know Him?

Does your neighbor know Him?

Have you been forgiven? Have you heard His voice? Turn away from your own plans and understanding! Turn away from all of the other voices and the lies! Turn to Jesus! Turn to the Word!

Lord, set our hearts on fire for You, today. May we choose to be on fire for You and not asleep in a lukewarm slumber.

Awaken all whom have been given to Your hand, Lord, to do that which You have purposed for them to do. Lord, we know that Your plans will come to pass and we know that those who love You are on the side that wins and overcomes. We see so much suffering today due to sin just as You told us. Lord we don’t want to do it our way. We know that Your way is best. We do cry out for the ones who are suffering under the consequences of sin. We know that you will not allow evil to continue forever and that You will return and ultimately that evil will be hurled into the pit of fire forever and will never again come against Your people. And we know that no more sin, no more tears and no more pain will be in that place. We cannot wait to be there with You. Continue to set us apart for that day, Lord, and prepare us for it. We do not want sin to have any part in us any longer and we do long to see our salvation come to pass where we are freed once and for all from the fleshly desires. Thank You Lord that You have done all of this for us, put these desires in us and shown us the Way to salvation and to living lives freed from the curse of sin and death. Help us to walk in Your power and victory more and more every day as You minister to us by Your Spirit. Speak to those who do come across this post and take the time to read it or skim through it, Lord, bless your servants to represent Your words… Lord, thank You for who You are and for Your rules!!! By experience, I know that You are a loving Father who just wants to grow up and mature His children. Thank You.

Hosea 4:6, Hosea 6:3, Hosea 7:13-14, Hosea 8:2-4, Hosea 8:7, Hosea 9:7-9, Hosea 11:1-11 are the verses that I wrote out but I read all of Hosea yesterday and today. The above post is just what I wrote out and typed it here to share because I really felt the Lord’s presence and see such a similarity between America and Israel.

Bottom line: God gives us rules because He is our Father! He knows what is good for us and what is bad for us. There is no way around this! God gives us rules to protect us and to grow us, just like a loving earthly father does for his own children. God is much greater than any earthly father. If we do not repent, then YES, we will face consequences as a nation for refusing to listen to God. Like it or not, if you were born in America or live here, now… America was founded upon Biblical principles by men who were led by God. They may not have been perfect, but they were God-fearing men who sought to form a better government than the ones they came from… And this country, no matter who tries to turn it away from God or deny the history of it being founded upon the Bible, will face the consequences of refusing to listen to God. If we do not have men and women in leadership positions to reaffirm that this is a nation of people who put their trust in God, alone, then we will see consequences.

Enough said, for now….. God bless you in the name of Jesus!

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We Need God in America, Again – Carman Song – Video & Performance by Al Mahan

Lyrics found on

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson
Samuel Adams, First Chief Justice John Jay
Names synonymous with the spirit of our country
Founding fathers of the U.S.A.

Over 200 years ago they shook off the chains
Of tyranny from Great Britain, by divine call
Citing 27 biblical violations, they wrote the declaration
Of Independence with liberty and justice for all

But something happened
Since Jefferson called the Bible the cornerstone
For American liberty then put it in our schools as a light
Or since “Give me liberty or give me death”, Patrick Henry said
Our country was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ

We eliminated God from the equation of American life
Thus eliminating the reason this nation first began
From beyond the grave I hear the voices of our founding
Fathers plead “You need God in America again”

Of the 55 men who formed the constitution
52 were active members of their church
Founding fathers like Noah Webster who wrote the first dictionary
Could literally quote the Bible chapter and verse

James Madison said, “We’ve staked our future on our ability
To follow the ten commandments with all our heart”
These men believed you couldn’t even call yourself an American
If you subvert the word of God

In his farewell address, Washington said, “You can’t have
National morality apart from religious principle,” and it’s true
‘Cause right now we have nearly a 150,000 kids carrying guns
To these war zones we call public schools

In the 40’s and 50’s student problems were chewing gum and talking
In the 90’s, rape and murder were the trend
The only way this nation can even hope to last this decade
Is to put God in America again

The only hope for America is Jesus
The only hope for our country is Him
If we repent of our ways, stand firm and say
We need God in America again

Abe Lincoln said ‽The philosophy of the schoolroom
In one generation, will be the philosophy of government in the next”
So when you eliminate the word of God from the classroom and politics
You eliminate the nation that word protects

America is now number one in teen pregnancy and violent crime
Number one in illiteracy, drug use and divorce
Everyday a new holocaust of 5,000 unborn die
While pornography floods our streets like open sewers

America’s dead and dying hand is on the threshold of the church
While the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah vex us all
When it gets to the point when people would rather come out
Of the closet than clean it, it’s the sign the Judgment of God is gonna fall

If there’s ever been a time to rise up Church it’s now
And as the blood bought saints of the living God proclaim
That it’s time to sound the alarm from the church house
To the White House and say, ‽We want God, in America, again”

We need God in America, God in America again
I believe it’s tie America to stand up and proclaim
That ‽One nation under God” is our demand
And send this evil lifestyle back to Satan where it came from
And let the word of God revive our dying land

For Jesus Christ is coming back again in all his glory
And every eye shall see him on that day
That’s why a new anointing of God’s power’s comin’ on us
To boldly tell the world ‽You must be saved”

Because astrology won’t save you, your horoscope won’t save you
The Bible says these things are all a farce
If you’re born again you don’t need to look to the stars for your answers
‘Cause you can look to the very one who made those stars

History tells us time and time again
To live like there’s no God makes you a fool
If you wanna see kids live right, stop handing out condoms
And start handing out the word of God in schools

The only hope for America is Jesus
The only hope for our country is Him
If we repent of our ways, stand firm and say
‽We need God in America again”

The only hope for America is Jesus
The only hope for our country is Him
If we repent of our ways, stand firm and say
‽We need God in America again”

We need God in America
We need God in America
We need God in America again
America again

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Real Happiness Matthew 11:28-30 “Random Thoughts and Ramblings for My LORD Jesus Christ – by Jerry May 12, 2014


In Matthew 11:20-24 Jesus talks and denounces the cities which most of His miracles had been performed in and they didn’t repent. What are we as a nation in for?? We as a nation say it’s okay to abort or kill babies because the would be parent/parents want to pursue their career or they just aren’t ready for children. We as a nation are supposed to say that it is okay for gay couple to be married? We have strayed o far from the path of our beginning that judgment is going to be poured out on us, too.

We want to be entertained. We don’t want to be bothered with Jesus. Why?

Because we think that we aren’t going to get to do all of the fun stuff.

But the God that I serve means so much more to me than all of the supposedly fun stuff that I’m “missing out on.”

The cares of this world and the pleasures of this world are not worth turning my back on God, anymore. It took me some years to come to the realization that God is enough for me but now that I’m there I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything.

Also, in Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus tells us that He will give us rest if we will take His yoke upon us and learn from Him for He is gentle and humble in heart. Jesus is the example for us so I think that is the way Jesus wants for us to be. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I have learned that Jesus’ yoke is easy and His burden is light and that we, as followers of Christ, enjoy.

The world seeks all of the things that Jesus promises His followers through worldly ways but I know that when I was lost and I thought, “If I just had this or that then I would be happy.” But once I got whatever “it” happened to be then I learned that the dream of having what I wanted was always better than the reality and that worldly things are never enough.

Jesus is more than enough. Jesus is the only One that can give us peace and lasting happiness.