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Addiction (from May 4, 2015 Angela)


for so many people this becomes a matter of literal life or death

for others, life is ended not by physical death

but by death

death of their personality

death of their conscience

death of their intellect

death of their heart

causing death to

death to relationships

death to friendships

death to marriages

death to careers

death to hobbies

and the list goes on…

But I know a Savior

who is the Resurrection and the Life

and the Giver

Giver of new life

Giver of healing

Giver of restoration

His name is Jesus

and He is more

more than enough

more than willing

more than able

to make all who call on His name whole and to keep those whom He loves.

He is more than able

to keep us.

It doesn’t depend on human desire

God grants repentance

Pray therefore for God to forgive, be merciful and grant us a willing heart and spirit to sustain us.

We think if we’ll/they’ll just get in church, read the Bible and start trying harder to do better and think of everyone else’s feelings then we’ll/they’ll get better and do better.

But God wants our hearts. His ways are higher. He knows way more than we do. He sees more. He knows how to reach us. He knows how to please our hearts desires better than even we do, also. He longs for us to truly know Him and trust Him and He will satisfy our heart’s desires above what we ever even dared to dream or imagine.

Also – when a person is in the worst/height of addiction and they are addicted to something, they have lost control – to the point that they are not really themselves and they aren’t rational or logically thinking.

Don’t take it so personally when they lie to you, let you down, break a promise, relapse or make a mistake. Try to remember that they are hurting inside and that they are probably sick of their behavior and addiction, also, but they are scared and do not know where to go from here. Try to have the compassion of Jesus Christ and pray to have a heart of compassion from Him. Ask Him for grace and mercy and wisdom in the situation.

Give credit to those in recovery who ARE TRYING and making progress.

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8/14/14 prayer by Angela

I include this prayer from 8/14/14 because it is part of our written story. I usually journal in the mornings. Both of us get up early in the quiet of the morning to begin our day. We usually make coffee and read our Bibles and pray. Part of my quiet time is writing out scriptures that speak to my heart and anything the Lord puts on my heart. Sometimes He reveals understanding to me through this. Other times, I am led to write out my prayers….

I sincerely add this prayer and any posts that I publish here, to be honest with everyone about who we are and what the Lord is doing as He molds us into His likeness. He is the Potter and we are the clay. He has to break us and re-shape us, mold and mend us, from time to time. He is a loving Shepherd who will not lose one sheep. Thank You, Lord.

Here is the prayer from 8/14/14 by me, Angela.

One thing I know. I cannot do life without You, LORD. One moment, one slip and I know that You are the One who sustains me. To see that there is nothing good or powerful in me other than You in me and at work in and through me is good. This is good to really know and to remember that Your grace is enough and to know how much I need and truly depend on YOU. This should keep me ever more determined to abide in You and to continuously – every moment – seek Your face, O LORD!

I beg You not to take Your Holy Spirit from me or Jerry, or ___, ___, and ___ (my children) or anyone that loves You. Don’t let us forget how much we love and need You. Jerry had a set-back, that’s what he called it this morning. I know it was only You who upheld him and us yesterday and last night. LORD, rise up within both of us! Set that fire – Your Holy Fire – down within us – rising within us – to love You with an all-consuming desire, love and passion – for You – to see Your name famous – to see You high and lifted up – to see Your kingdom come and to see the lost saved – the blind to see – the lame to walk – the deaf to hear – the captives to be set free.

Forgive us. I thank You that You have given us Your power and righteousness to walk in and Your strength and might. Thank You for Your armor. May we walk in it and may You go before and behind as we are hemmed in on all sides by You and You go before and fight these battles, LORD. Create in me and Jerry clean hearts – purify us LORD – grant us willing spirits (and my children) to sustain us that we will not sin against You – that we will walk blameless before You.

I am so thankful and glad that we can walk in Your righteousness, Jesus. Remind us of who we are in You that Your death and sacrifice was not in vain. I know it was not in vain – what I’m saying and You O LORD know – continue the good work You began in us. Grow and mature us in You. Mold us into Your likeness – work in us to will and to act according to Your purposes as you bind our hearts, minds and spirits to Your mind, Jesus – I ask in Your name – line up our flesh and our desires with You and Your plan for us and for Your kingdom.

May all of us be surrendered to You and I pray for You to have Your way in us.

Why sometimes does it take personal wake-up calls to run back to more of You? I love You and cannot wait to see You and to be rid of this flesh! More of You and less of me! More of You and Your presence, Jesus – is my desire – how do we bet lulled to sleep? Let it not be! Alive in You, Christ Jesus, my LORD! I am only alive in You!!! So true.

All of life when not in You is dull, sleep, or frustrated efforts to do it on my own.

I want and need You, LORD, desperately. Stop the enemy in his tracks and all of his minions. Stop any enemy activity in our lives, LORD. You have defeated him and all of his followers. Jesus, I ask in Your name – do not allow any demonic activity, oppression, harassment, influence or control in or around or near me, Jerry, my children, my family, my church, Your church, our leaders…. LORD, You are in control and I trust You alone and You completely. I love You. I thank You. I could never write enough or say enough words, LORD. You know my heart. Keep it tuned to You. I pray, ask and believe and receive in Jesus’ name, LORD. Amen.