The Hole and the Answer

The Hole and the Answer

One time this guy met this girl

She became his world

She meant everything to him

But soon

Trouble started

She told him there was something wrong

Definitely something wrong with him

And she’d be leaving, soon

He was shattered

He couldn’t bear to see her go

So he began to look

For ways to fix himself

Someone told him he had a hole

Right there in his chest

Where his heart spot is

So he started putting stuff there

To cover up the hole

Maybe that’d fix it

And she wouldn’t leave

He put newer clothes on

And that worked for a few days

She said, “Nah, something’s still wrong.”

Then he put huge jewelry over the hole

That was even worse

She was jealous and took it for herself

He wanted a tattoo

But you can’t tattoo a hole

So he started wearing signs

To cover up the hole

They said how he felt

About various topics of the day

That kept things interesting for her

For a little while

She loved to disagree with his signs

And confuse his mind

But even that bored her

And she said, “Yep, something’s still wrong.”

One day he found another guy

Who mentioned he once had a hole

And that everyone has this hole

And he knew how to be whole

So, this guy asked that guy

What is the way to fix this hole

And so, he was told

The hole you have is round, like a circle

There’s a cross that you put over the hole

And it keeps things from falling through

It’s magnetic and it draws things to it

So that good things you want, hang around

And help keep the hole filled

There’s a bigger part behind the cross

And it grows the more you wear it

It is shaped like a heart

And there’s another part attached

To the cross that you can pull out

You can touch others with it

And see if they need a hug or a hand

You can touch things with it

To use it to tell if something’s good or bad

It is really a useful piece

It also gives you a lot of peace

Because when you put this cross over the hole

Once you get it there, it will stay

And you won’t worry about having a hole

Not one more, any other day

So this guy asked that guy

Why didn’t I know?

About the Answer and the hole

And that guy said

That people kept covering their holes

And using different things for so long

And just moving on from thing to thing

And person to person

Until everyone just forgot

We all have a hole

And the way to fill it

Sure enough, this guy was shocked

To see, this girl had a hole, too

When he really looked close

And they tried out a cross

And their heart shaped parts grew

And they became dependent

On the piece attached

They used to know if the other needed a hug

Or a hand or a smile

And they used it to see if things were good

Or bad for them

And their crosses became even more magnetic

And they drew more good

People and things and situations

Into their lives

And they realized they had found the fix

To the something that was wrong

With both of them

The holes they had in their chest

Where their hearts were

And they began to tell others

About how all people have this hole

And how to be whole

written by Angela Dingler June 23, 2017 4:00 a.m. Not to be copied, shared or reproduced without crediting the author.

As a Flower

As a Flower


As a flower

In its beauty

Is not always called a rose,

And some moving poetry

Is not recognized

As prose,

A spark of Spirit,

Yes, you are.

We know you

By your heart.

For on the outside,

Different, you may be.

But, on the inside,

The same, all are we.

                    by  Angela Dingler all rights reserved 2016

All Those Years I Wouldn’t Cry

All Those Years I Wouldn’t Cry

All Those Years I Wouldn’t Cry

All those years I wouldn’t cry

Because I just wanted to sleep and hide

I didn’t want to feel

I didn’t want the pain to be so real


But now all I can do is cry

And my joy, I cannot hide

As Your love melts away all my fears

And the pain dissolves and comes out as tears

Of gratitude and thankfulness

My love for You I can’t even express

Because I know You paid my debt

It was too big for me and I’ll never forget

Your goodness, Your faithfulness and Your love

Every perfect blessing from above

That You lavish on me

Yes, even me

Thank You, LORD


©Angela Dingler December 5, 2015

The Love of Jesus (a poem by Angela)

The Love of Jesus (a poem by Angela)

The Love of Jesus

God’s love expressed to us through Jesus really is so amazing.

We really should try it sometime.

And not just for ourselves,

But we should try loving others

As Jesus loves us

And we should try giving others

The same love that Jesus gives to us

Love that conquers every fear

Love that covers every sin

Love that heals every disease

Love that cancels every curse

Love that erases all harm

Love that feeds everyone hungry

Love that quenches every thirst

Love that never fails

Love that does not accuse

Love that believes the best

Love that sees the best

Love that ignores the worst

Love that overcomes every hindrance

Love that frees us to love

Love that encourages us to love

Love that lets us be loved

Love that bears every burden

Love that lifts

Love that empowers

Love that is true

Love that is for me and you

(by Angela Dingler 10/12/14 around 4a.m. after praying and thinking about how good the Lord is to me and my family and how overwhelming His goodness is to us, far more than we deserve.. and how He has taught me to trust Him and to let go of all pain and bitterness and anger as best as I can … just keep trusting and keep hoping and keep believing… things may not appear as promised, they may not be as promised right here right now.. but keep believing!! Keep seeking Him! And share His love and He has given it to me!)