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Harmonious Humans

All of us, who by God were created

Are as a piano

White keys, black keys

Sharps and flats

Highs and lows

Majors and minors

All a part of God’s glorious song

His melody leaves none of us

Untouched, un-played, unsung

Separately, we can make a sound of music

Together we make beautiful, melodious, harmonious music

When we are in tune with our Maker

The more beautiful and wondrous the music

As a piano who is out of tune

We can make music, still

But not nearly as breathtakingly

As when we are in tune

With Him, with Love, with Light

With peace, with joy, with all

     by Angela Dingler All rights reserved 2016

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All Those Years I Wouldn’t Cry

All Those Years I Wouldn’t Cry

All those years I wouldn’t cry

Because I just wanted to sleep and hide

I didn’t want to feel

I didn’t want the pain to be so real


But now all I can do is cry

And my joy, I cannot hide

As Your love melts away all my fears

And the pain dissolves and comes out as tears

Of gratitude and thankfulness

My love for You I can’t even express

Because I know You paid my debt

It was too big for me and I’ll never forget

Your goodness, Your faithfulness and Your love

Every perfect blessing from above

That You lavish on me

Yes, even me

Thank You, LORD


©Angela Dingler December 5, 2015

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The Love of Jesus (a poem by Angela)

The Love of Jesus

God’s love expressed to us through Jesus really is so amazing.

We really should try it sometime.

And not just for ourselves,

But we should try loving others

As Jesus loves us

And we should try giving others

The same love that Jesus gives to us

Love that conquers every fear

Love that covers every sin

Love that heals every disease

Love that cancels every curse

Love that erases all harm

Love that feeds everyone hungry

Love that quenches every thirst

Love that never fails

Love that does not accuse

Love that believes the best

Love that sees the best

Love that ignores the worst

Love that overcomes every hindrance

Love that frees us to love

Love that encourages us to love

Love that lets us be loved

Love that bears every burden

Love that lifts

Love that empowers

Love that is true

Love that is for me and you

(by Angela Dingler 10/12/14 around 4a.m. after praying and thinking about how good the Lord is to me and my family and how overwhelming His goodness is to us, far more than we deserve.. and how He has taught me to trust Him and to let go of all pain and bitterness and anger as best as I can … just keep trusting and keep hoping and keep believing… things may not appear as promised, they may not be as promised right here right now.. but keep believing!! Keep seeking Him! And share His love and He has given it to me!)