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That Lion Is Toothless (poem by Angela)

That Lion Is Toothless

We need to stop talking about what the enemy is doing or trying to do

We need to talk about Jesus and what He did and what He is doing!

The enemy is a defeated foe

He is a toothless lion, one without fangs

Who can only roar in hopes to scare us into submission

And, sadly, it works far too often….

I remind you; again, the enemy is a defeated foe

Jesus broke the curse of sin and death

When He shed His blood and died to pay our sin debt

Rising from the grave on that famous third day

Jesus rose victorious with power and healing in His wings

And it is in His righteousness, power and might that He wishes for us to stand.

Jesus paid it all you see

In Jesus we have the victory

No longer enslaved or manipulated by the enemy

Do we have to be

Stop talking about that evil one

All of his plans and schemes are undone

Jesus conquered on that glorious day

And as we trust and rest in Christ alone

We can boldly approach the throne

And make our needs and requests known

So let’s shout about the victory that Jesus brings

And stop focusing on lesser things

Let’s stop talking about all the little losses

Jesus reigns and raises us up to walk on that foe

Along with Him on high, ever reaching new heights of His love

As He takes us from glory to glory

Let us hold tight to His unseen Hand

And always know that He is accomplishing His good plans