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Sound the Alarm! Make Preparations! Man Is Not the Answer

Something that I, Angela, feel very strongly about –
one reason I got back up out of bed- (on June 29, 2014)
something that I think needs to be made known!

We do need to sound the alarm!

We need to trim our lamps and have an ample supply of oil and be ready for our bridegroom!
We do not know the day nor the hour!

If we don’t see the return of Jesus in our lifetime – what about our children??
Grandchildren?? Others who are lost??

Also – throughout the history of mankind, mankind has tried to do everything on his own. Those who reject God would like to eliminate the need for God, but they CANNOT.

Man does not have the answers!

Mankind on our own, in our sinful nature, bear forth no good fruit
we do not excel in love, purity, compassion, courage, generosity, patience, forgiveness, etc…

Human love is not enough
Modern medicine is not enough
Technology is not enough
Knowledge is not enough
Science is not enough
Scientific study is not enough
Government is not enough
Political ideology is not enough

We cannot create enough, sustain enough, heal enough, entertain enough, build enough, understand enough, feel enough, care enough…

Not to cure, heal, feed, house, clothe, govern, manage, sustain, love … enough …

of all of the problems in the world, which one have we completely ended?

God has allowed us to wander, to try to do these things on our own – globally, again – to advance again as high as our modern man-made or man produced anything could take us – so that we can see that we are not and will never be enough on our own to fix and solve and prevent our man-made human condition.

God has given to us the only solution and that is in JESUS CHRIST!

(Trim our lamps and have an ample supply of oil refers to Matthew 25:1-13. Also refers to dying to ourselves, taking up our crosses, living for Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit and having a fresh anointing every day and for every task.)