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Frustrating the Grace

Frustrating the Grace

It’s not about you baby
I know you mean well
I know you just want to help
But you are just all up in the way
Frustrating the grace

You wanna be part of the solution
You wanna lend yourself
But it’s not about you baby
You’re frustrating the grace

What you want isn’t bad
It’s actually quite good
But what you can’t see or know
Is how all the pieces go
And how when the timing is just right
They’ll all line up tight
And lock into perfect place
Please stop frustrating the grace

You’re okay and covered by Me
I see you daily bending your knees
Crying and asking and seeking of Me
Stand up, believe, freely receive
And just stop frustrating the grace

You ain’t gonna stop it
You’ll never unplug it
You’ll be even more amazed
When you stop frustrating the grace

Written by Angela Cockrell Dingler 2/10/16
Inspiration from my Savior, Jesus, and “frustrating the grace” I first heard this term from my sister in Christ that the Lord blessed me with – Lisa Guss