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Story of Hope: from College Football Hopeful to Golf Pro


I went to see Jerry tonight, but I didn’t get in because I got there right at 7:45 p.m. (thinking I still had 15 minutes to see him) and they said they don’t let anyone in after 7:45. I hate that I missed him. I hope he’s doing OK. Praying for him and for you.

I had someone share a story with me yesterday about a guy who played football for Bear Bryant at Texas A&M and was one of the legendary “Junction Boys” who survived the Bear’s 10-day summer camp at Junction, Texas. He made it through the grueling summer camp (unlike some who quit) only to get back and suffer an injury (I think in a wreck) and not be able to play. I imagine (like most college football players) that football meant an awful lot to him and he probably felt like his life was over. The Bear came to him and told him he needed to give his football scholarship to someone who could use it but he didn’t want to leave the player without a scholarship, so he put him on a golf scholarship. The guy had never played golf before but joined the golf team and ended up becoming a professional golfer.

The reason I share this is that sometimes God lets things happen to us for a reason, reasons we don’t understand. I know you and Jerry both wish Jerry were not in jail (and I hope he is able to get out as soon as possible), but I can’t help but think that God has Jerry there for a reason. Maybe there is somebody in jail that needs Jesus or needs a word from God, and Jerry has been put there to give it to him. It could be an inmate. It could be a corrections officer. But Jerry has an opportunity to reach people who might not listen to other people who don’t understand what it’s like to be there. He may be the only person they will listen to. I pray that you and Jerry will be reunited as soon as possible, but I also pray that God uses this experience for His glory.

Love you guys.”


The name of the football player turned golfer was Bobby Nichols. And just to make sure I told you correctly, he played for the Bear at Texas A&M, not Alabama. It was an automobile accident that led to him being injured and not able to play football anymore.
Jon” follow up email on 4/22/14.
I asked for and received permission from a friend of Jerry’s (and mine) to share excerpts from the email that he sent to us in order to encourage us in the Lord. This is from Jon Anderson, who is in our Sunday School class. He wrote this to us beginning on 4/15/14. I so appreciate all of the encouragement that we have received from so many loved ones, friends and fellow followers of Jesus. That is the body of  Christ – loving one another in the midst of adversity – even if it is of our doing – that is grace and mercy and LOVE that comes from Jesus. Thank you, Jon, for sharing His love with our family and for taking the time to send this written encouragement and for allowing us to share it here on our blog so that others can be encouraged! Praise the Lord – to God be all the glory!