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Amazing Grace Sung to House of the Rising Sun

Please check this video out!

I posted this video because, wow, isn’t God’s grace amazing? Our journey has only just begun but we have seen many dangers, toils and snares and grace has brought us through them all! Jerry and I have two best friends, a couple, that mean a lot to us. Lisa and Keith told me a while back that I should share a video of me singing this song.

I am dedicating this video and blog post to Lisa and Keith. They have been our friends for a very long time. I first met Lisa and her husband Keith in 2003. We lost contact at times but the Lord always seemed to bring me and Lisa back into each other’s paths somehow. It’s hard to say how even now. Then, when I met Jerry in 2004, I immediately introduced him to Lisa and Keith. These friends of ours have seen us through our good, bad, ugly and then new life in Christ. They have seen the transformation from Jerry and I just casually playing around with our decision for Jesus to be Lord of our lives and the difference after we truly surrendered to Him and allowed His grace to set us free. And grace was with us all along! That first weak decision ensured that His grace was at work even when we had no idea that it was!

So, enjoy this video, I hope that the different tune lets the words sink in a bit deeper tonight, or today, for you. If you are watching this then please know that God has a plan for you, a purpose for you, a mission for your life – you are no accident and He formed you in your mother’s womb. His plans for you are for good, to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and hope. When you turn to Him with all of your heart and seek Him with all that you are, you will find Him! Jeremiah 29:11-14