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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

I made a video after my class the other day in response to what I learned at school. In class we were discussing the question of why Jesus had to die. Our professor has a Philosophy degree and is also gifted in Apologetics. He said that a question that atheists often ask is, “Why did Jesus have to die?” He said that atheists will also ask, “Why can’t God just forgive sin? Is God so angry and mean that He requires death for sin to be forgiven?” The discussion was a really good one because as Christians and as believers in Christ, we should be able to answer such questions. Our professor was encouraging us, in light of what we are learning about Jesus and the Father from the Gospels, to be able to answer such questions without using “church” terms that make no sense to a non-believer. Also, he was encouraging us to be able to answer such questions correctly! It seems as if we have simplified the gospel message so much that we have given false information! Please watch the video and let me know what you think. Also, if you have any questions, please ask and we will do our best to answer them. Thank you and God bless you!

Video: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?


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May This Be the Year That

May this be the year


instead of grumbling and complaining

we pray and we praise

We are grateful.

instead of telling God all about our problems

we tell our problems about our GOD

We trust the LORD.

instead of telling everything that’s wrong

we talk about what all is right

We focus on the good.

instead of speaking out our doubts and fears

we proclaim truth from GOD’s Word

We declare the promises.

instead of filling our minds with whatever is on TV

we purposely renew our minds with the Word

We feed our spirit.

instead of being consumed by entertainment

we get up and go out and be the church

We entertain angels, unaware.

instead of begging GOD

we believe GOD

We walk by faith.

instead of just hearing and agreeing with God’s Word

we do what we say that we believe

We walk out our faith.

instead of worrying so much about how we look

we examine our hearts, daily

We look in GOD’s mirror.

instead of following just a diet and exercise routine

we fast and pray and flex our spirit

We are changed from the inside out.

instead of listening to doom and gloom

we practice seeing the view from God

We get GOD’s perspective.

instead of being conformed to this world

we break the mold and follow the example that Jesus set

We transform the world.

instead of seeking popularity and approval from men

we live to please our Father

We live for an audience of One.

instead of worrying about what everyone thinks about us

we walk in the knowledge and the power of who our Father says that we are

We walk in Christ.

instead of measuring everything by worldly success

we compare everything to GOD’s standards

We set the standard.

instead of fitting in and blending in

we stand firm in the Truth and in our faith

We contend for our faith and for Truth.

instead of hiding in the dark

we fan the flame within us

We shine like stars in a world full of darkness.

by Angela Dingler 1/2/2016

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Overcome Evil with Good! Romans 12:21 from My Quiet Time June 29, 2014

from June 29, 2014 at 10:30 p.m.

My prayer: I thank You LORD for blessing us and keeping us! I thank You and praise You for shining Your face upon us and Your countenance and for being gracious unto us and for giving us Your peace. I worship You, O LORD GOD Almighty, Pure, Holy, Strong and Mighty! I love You my LORD and King, my Savior and Redeemer – JESUS! You are LORD of All and King of Kings! Thank You for growing us in our faith and in our character and likeness of You and for growing and producing Your fruit in our lives!

I couldn’t go to sleep just yet. I’ve been so stirred in my spirit all day – ever since I first woke up this morning. I do wish that I had our laptop to type on and write on. But I do love to hand-write my thoughts, as well. There is so much to try to convey. I don’t know where to begin so I am going to just let it flow and expect the LORD to help me organize it all for sharing. (I know You are speaking LORD and not just to me. LORD, You are pouring out Your Spirit on us and You want us to share the revelation of Who You Are. All that You are revealing to each one of us – You want for us to share.)

Over the past several months, even the past 3 or 4 years, and even over my life-time – there are several truths that God has shown to me through personal experience, through His Word and in His presence. Some of the truths that I have learned over my lifetime have come from dismal failures, sufferings, shame, guilt and moment/years of not being in His presence.

The LORD has blessed me to experience His love – His unfailing love – in good and bad, in right and wrong, in triumphs and trials, in the seeking and in the hiding!”

I thank You LORD that You have loved me and that You have been with me through it all!

Truths I’ve Learned Recently:

Overcome evil with good!

Romans 12:21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12 – the whole chapter – really stuck with me a while back. This verse was one that stuck with me and took a while to really sink in, filter through and become a reality in practical use. It linked up with Proverbs 15:1 for me, which says: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Also, there was something in my Interpersonal Communication class that tied this together even more. There was something about how when people are in negative communication spiral – it only takes one to start being positive and the whole cycle will turn back to positive. Again – I remembered these verses. (Look at Romans 12:9-21)

For today (as in recently): I put these verses into practice in my life over the past several weeks. THEY ARE TRUE! God’s Word is true and powerful! Instead of just agreeing that all of this stuff sounded good, I began to do it and found out that it can be done and it works! Sometimes it can be extremely difficult and downright hard to bite my tongue, count to ten, overlook a wrong, ignore an opportunity to retaliate, not scream in frustration when there are dirty socks stuffed down in the recliner, again! There are many ways that we are tested and sometimes the tests are smaller than others but they are all very important – and can push us to our limits when all added up – but with God it is possible to overcome evil with good.

Very important today – so many are hurting, lost, fearful, angry, cold, hungry, thirsty…. Evil is afoot! Overcome evil with good.

Part of overcoming evil with good is realizing that apart from God we can do nothing – but with GOD, nothing is impossible! Matthew 19:26

which leads me to my next post….

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Does God Exist? Check Out This Link: Scientific Explanation as Proof that God Exists

This is a video that is on YouTube and that I saw originally posted from the God’s Not Dead Facebook page. They have a blog post on the God’s Not Dead Website with a link to this video, “The Kalam Cosmological Argument.”

Info from the YouTube video:

For more resources visit:

Reasonable Faith features the work of philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig and aims to provide in the public arena an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today, such as:

-the existence of God
-the meaning of life
-the objectivity of truth
-the foundation of moral values
-the creation of the universe
-intelligent design
-the reliability of the Gospels
-the uniqueness of Jesus
-the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection
-the challenge of religious pluralism

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Why Do We Refuse to Believe God and the Bible? Random Thoughts and Ramblings for My LORD Jesus Christ by Jerry May 19, 2014


Matthew 19:4-6 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

Why do people not want to acknowledge what the Bible says?

I think there are several different reasons and I’ll start with the most popular.

People think that other people who go to church and that read the Bible are boring and that they [those who do not] are having so much fun that they don’t want those other people to ruin their fun.

The second one that I have could be said about the  Bible as a whole. I know that I have heard all of my life that Jesus is coming back, Jesus is coming back. I know that a lot of other people have heard that all of their lives, too. I think that a lot of people have quit believing and don’t think that what the Bible says is true, that its just a big fairy tale. But I want to say that the Bible is true, He is coming back, like a thief in the night!

The third one is like the Bible says – that men and women are so lost that they lust male after male and female after female. God didn’t make them that way but the sin and un-forgiveness in their heart has made them that way. 

But the good news is that we don’t have to live in sin anymore. God made a way of escape for us by sending His Son to die for our sins if we will repent and believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He did die for our sins. It’s as simple as that.