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Beautiful Is Thine Soul

Beautiful is thine soul

Trapped deeply within

Longing for sweet release

Fear and Guilt form thine chains

Binding and choking thine sweet soul

As it yearneth for escape

The chance to love again

Love freely again

That Love can melt thine chains

Which bind thee and cause weeping of bitter tears

Feel that Love and that Joy

The warmth of their caress

The heat of their kiss

Feel the fear and guilt loosen

As the chains are melting away

Renewed hope and trust can re-open

The door which thee have shut

To thine Maker, thine creator

Thou must remember thou art thine soul

It is thine soul which are beautiful

Thine mind and body thou can change

Remember from where thine soul came

From where thy soul flew

Allow thine soul to soar again

To feel again

To love again

The love of God, thine Maker,

Thine Creator, thine Father

     written by Angela Dingler in 1996