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From Blessings to Curses

Stop allowing what God gave as a blessing to be used as a curse.

There are many examples of this and the examples can range from recent blessings to ancient ones. For example, a Bible study and fellowship gathering that has lost its focus and has now just become a duty filled burden because the season has passed but you want to hang on to the tradition of the meeting.

Marriage is a perfect example of this. That is what God put into my spirit this morning. God gave marriage originally in the Garden of Eden to be a blessing. But we have allowed the beauty and the blessing of marriage to be made into a curse. We have allowed it to become known as an invention of man and to be tainted. We have not taught what the original design and purpose for marriage was and we have trampled on the sanctity of marriage. I am not even talking about whether it is between a man and a woman. I am talking about one woman and one man. I am talking about how the divorce rate is as high among Christians as it is among non-believers. I am talking about how even those who are married tend to talk about it and view it as a burden, curse and hardship. Marriage was never intended to be something that we did on our own, without God’s guidance and without God’s power. But we have lost sight of what God did when He gave us the blessing and therefore we have turned it into a curse.

Another example is the Law and the Bible, as a whole. This holy book was given to us and preserved for us as a blessing. To be read and consulted and heard as the whole counsel of the Word and not pick and choose a verse here and there to justify our views. The Bible is a love story, full of grace and mercy and is to inform us of who God is and His intentions for us. It is also not to be used to beat people up or to condemn them. God so loves the world that He gave His only Son to die for us so that whomever believes in Him should not perish but should have eternal life. That is the good news we should be sharing but instead we like to tell everyone about how wrong they are. Even within our faith we argue over minor details instead of sharing the love of Christ.

I may not be sharing this adequately or getting the point across exactly right. The Lord put this on my heart around 2 a.m. and I was trying to go back to sleep but all of this kept coming back up as I would doze in and out. The main thing is to stop allowing things that God does to bless us to become stale, stolen, just traditions or curses to us. And I wonder, why am I supposed to share this? Why do I feel so compelled to post these things? I am one person with not that many friends and not much of a platform. LOL But I know that if one person reads this that is the one that God intends. And who knows if that one person may know another who can share more articulately and with more people. So I am just going to be obedient and share this and trust God to bless it for His glory and use it as He wishes. If you read this far, maybe it is you who can share when and as needed. Have a blessed day!!!

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Truth in Love about Homosexual Behavior

When I say that I would like to share the truth in love about homosexual behavior, I mean that I feel compelled to share the truth about homosexual behavior because I love those who are involved in the behavior.

To believe that anyone who disagrees with practicing alternative sexual or homosexual behavior is one who hates the people who practice the behavior is FALSE.

Let me restate that: It is FALSE to believe that anyone who says that homosexual behavior is wrong or dangerous is one who hates the people who practice the behavior.

I am a Christian, a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe in the Word of God, the Bible. I stand on what the Bible says. I love my fellow man. I love people. People are different and have different beliefs and we can still love one another without agreeing on everything or behaving just alike. I can love someone without participating in or endorsing their behavior.

That does NOT make me a hater of anyone who thinks differently than I do. No, it is the opposite. I am called to LOVE and I do LOVE others who believe differently than I do. That is why I am called to share TRUTH with anyone who has ears to hear. That is why I am compelled to speak the truth and share the truth and expose the truth. I am sharing on this subject because I love people and I love them with the same love that Jesus has for me. Jesus died for me even before I ever knew Him. He extended His love to me and I accepted it and I receive it, even though I am not and will never be “perfect.” But, His love for me has not left me where He found me – He has raised me up to walk in love and in truth. In loving truth, living to please myself and from a place of fear and insecurity was destroying me. Jesus, by His Spirit and His Word has and is changing me and I thank Him for not leaving me where I was.

That same love that I found in Jesus is available to everyone and that includes the entire LGBTQ community. Most people know the most memorized verse in the whole Bible: John 3:16 For God so loved the whole world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that WHOSEVER believe in Him should not perish but would have eternal life. Whosoever includes anyone and everyone that will. Anyone who is practicing sexual behavior that is outside of one man and one woman joined together by God and in dedication to Him and in honor of His purpose and design for human beings can choose to receive His love. However, if a person does practice this alternative lifestyle and they do choose to receive God’s plan and love, then they are not going to want to continue to do things that do not honor His design and purpose for humans, His creation and His children. He designed us, He created us and He has a purpose for us. He knows best for and that is why it is best to choose His love and His plan instead of what may seem right to us.

Christians make a mistake and are wrong when they try to tell others of what God wants by condemning without understanding. We are wrong when we pronounce judgments instead of loving advice and wisdom that is shared from a place of compassion. I am sharing all of this because my heart is truly hurt by some of the ways that I see believers and non-believers treating one another and the language that is used surrounding this issue. We are called to speak the truth in love, though (Ephesians 4:15, Matthew 5:13-16). That is what I will attempt to do here.

Yes, homosexual behavior is wrong. Yes, bisexual behavior is wrong. It is wrong for us as humans to take what we have been blessed with and use it for purposes that were not intended. It is wrong because it causes harm. It is not wrong just because the Bible says that it is wrong. But the Bible says that it is wrong because it causes harm and destruction follows.

I will share a couple of articles with you. One article is written by a doctor. These articles describe what kind of sexual practices accompany the LGBTQ lifestyle. You cannot refute that the human body was made and created in such a way as to accommodate heterosexual behaviors. You cannot refute that the sexual behaviors are damaging and cause destruction to the physical bodies and ultimately the lives of those practicing them. It is with the utmost love and compassion that I share this information. I pray that it is received with the intent that I share it. Because I am truly concerned for the welfare of those whom are caught up in the middle of this fight between good and evil, I share the TRUTH.

These two articles are addressing only the physical consequences of alternative sexual practices and that is what I feel gives some of the most eye-opening truths regarding why the Bible does say that it is wrong.

Dr. Paul Cameron, Ph.D., in his article “Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do,” writes: “Homosexuals are sexually troubled people engaging in dangerous activities. Because we care about them and those tempted to join them, it is important that we neither encourage nor legitimize such a destructive lifestyle.” Here is the link to his article: Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do

Dr. Eowyn, in his article “Medical Consequences of Homosexual Sexual Behaviors,” writes: “Beginning in the ‘gay’ culture, anal sex has now been ‘popularized’ among heterosexuals via systematic propaganda of pornography. But the simple truth is this: The human body was not designed to accommodate anal intercourse.” Here is the link to his article: Medical Consequences of Homosexual Sexual Behaviors

Check out the two articles and just see the truth of what this kind of behavior does to the human body… Then you can decide if it is perfectly acceptable and good for practical living. You can choose life or you can choose to walk blindly. The choice is yours. In love and in truth I pray that you choose life and love – real life and real love, not as this world gives, but as the One who created you gives.




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Addiction (from May 4, 2015 Angela)


for so many people this becomes a matter of literal life or death

for others, life is ended not by physical death

but by death

death of their personality

death of their conscience

death of their intellect

death of their heart

causing death to

death to relationships

death to friendships

death to marriages

death to careers

death to hobbies

and the list goes on…

But I know a Savior

who is the Resurrection and the Life

and the Giver

Giver of new life

Giver of healing

Giver of restoration

His name is Jesus

and He is more

more than enough

more than willing

more than able

to make all who call on His name whole and to keep those whom He loves.

He is more than able

to keep us.

It doesn’t depend on human desire

God grants repentance

Pray therefore for God to forgive, be merciful and grant us a willing heart and spirit to sustain us.

We think if we’ll/they’ll just get in church, read the Bible and start trying harder to do better and think of everyone else’s feelings then we’ll/they’ll get better and do better.

But God wants our hearts. His ways are higher. He knows way more than we do. He sees more. He knows how to reach us. He knows how to please our hearts desires better than even we do, also. He longs for us to truly know Him and trust Him and He will satisfy our heart’s desires above what we ever even dared to dream or imagine.

Also – when a person is in the worst/height of addiction and they are addicted to something, they have lost control – to the point that they are not really themselves and they aren’t rational or logically thinking.

Don’t take it so personally when they lie to you, let you down, break a promise, relapse or make a mistake. Try to remember that they are hurting inside and that they are probably sick of their behavior and addiction, also, but they are scared and do not know where to go from here. Try to have the compassion of Jesus Christ and pray to have a heart of compassion from Him. Ask Him for grace and mercy and wisdom in the situation.

Give credit to those in recovery who ARE TRYING and making progress.

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

I made a video after my class the other day in response to what I learned at school. In class we were discussing the question of why Jesus had to die. Our professor has a Philosophy degree and is also gifted in Apologetics. He said that a question that atheists often ask is, “Why did Jesus have to die?” He said that atheists will also ask, “Why can’t God just forgive sin? Is God so angry and mean that He requires death for sin to be forgiven?” The discussion was a really good one because as Christians and as believers in Christ, we should be able to answer such questions. Our professor was encouraging us, in light of what we are learning about Jesus and the Father from the Gospels, to be able to answer such questions without using “church” terms that make no sense to a non-believer. Also, he was encouraging us to be able to answer such questions correctly! It seems as if we have simplified the gospel message so much that we have given false information! Please watch the video and let me know what you think. Also, if you have any questions, please ask and we will do our best to answer them. Thank you and God bless you!

Video: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?


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Addicted Marriages

I have seen people in relationships stay together because they have both become addicted to prescription medications (or illegal drugs, or alcohol, or the money they make together, or having an appearance of success, or having perfect kids, etc…) even though they are miserable. The drugs, alcohol, pressures of earning $, trying to keep up with making your kids turn out perfectly, or pressures of maintaining a false front cause them to become so weary that they cannot keep up with the demands required of them to continue giving more of themselves to the addiction AND the relationship.
The relationships die first. Their marriage and their children suffer the most. Then extended family, friends and their jobs suffer. They also are suffering physically, mentally and spiritually from the effects of the drugs, rat-race, etc… Then they become more and more unhealthy in their physical bodies. Finances crumble and escape them. Sometimes legal issues interrupt them, sometimes it is their health that gives them a scare…
And if they wake up then they are much more likely to turn it all around. But if not, then they end up killing relationships and themselves, slowly but surely…
The addiction never dies… And SIN is what this is called. We are all guilty of it in some form or fashion. But praise be to the Lord God who gave us the answer because truly, if we come to know Jesus, then we can be made new and change this destructive cycle of living!
SIN is just a name for destructive behavior. We like to get upset if what we are doing is called sin… But God had to give a name to what He knew was behavior that would not benefit us and He calls it SIN – which means “missing the mark” or “falling short of His glory” – God’s will for us is for us to prosper and be blessed to be a blessing to others. We are not going to prosper if we continue to choose to fall short of His glory by choosing to do things that He told us and we know will kill us, steal our joy and destroy our family.
Can we be saved and keep choosing to live these lives of lies? I cannot say if you are saved or not… But let us ask this question of ourselves and ask the Lord to give us the answer: Do I trust Jesus? If we say “Yes, but…..” Then we need to work out that but… There is no sin that He won’t forgive. There is no human that He will not forgive and come into their heart to live inside of them and to help them to love and be loved.

Jesus says: “Come to Me all of you who are weary and who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Are you weary today? Do you want true rest? Jesus will give you rest because He carried ALL of our sin to the cross and nailed it there (Colossians 2:14). He has already paid the price for your soul. He already knew you when He died on the cross. You were chosen before the foundations of the earth were laid. He wants to come into your heart and give you rest.
Many couples stay together for the wrong reasons… if you claim to love and trust Jesus and you are married then surely you can stay together and work on your relationship for the right reasons. If you truly know Jesus, then you just need to press in to Him and listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

If you are one of these couples that has just run out of all hope because you are both addicted to something, especially alcohol or drugs, PLEASE ADMIT THAT YOU NEED SOME ASSISTANCE AND GET SOME HELP FROM A FAITH BASED DRUG & ALCOHOL ADDICTION PROGRAM, CELEBRATE RECOVERY GROUP, AA, NA, A DOCTOR, TELL SOMEONE THAT YOU TRUST, FIND HELP FROM SOME FACILITY OR PERSON THAT YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE GOING TO FOR HELP….. You cannot do it all on your own and Jesus never intended for any person to go it alone, even though He is with you. Jesus gave us one another to lean on and bear each other up. So do not think that you have to do this alone!! That is part of what is keeping this phenomenon going!! Shame and guilt! But if you want out of this destructive cycle then all you have to do is admit it and seek help. Only Jesus will get you set completely free of all of the chains that bind. And He came to save, not condemn (John 3:17).

AND IF YOU KNOW A COUPLE LIKE THIS AND IT IS NOT YOU: SHAME on YOU if all you do is discuss them with others and criticize their weaknesses!! Jesus weeps for us when we are lost like this. Do not make them feel like they have no where to go for help. A LOT of people in this situation stay there because they just do not know how to get out of it. The Bible tells us that the lost are stumbling around in the darkness because they are blinded. Who is going to share light with them? Are you? Or are you going to sit back and watch them and criticize them for their blindness or laugh at them for not being able to see like you? Pray for them. Pray for the sorrow that comes from God granting them mercy that leads to repentance. Pray for grace to abound in their life so that they come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Just as we have been forgiven may they be forgiven as well. (Again, I am not saying that everyone in this situation is “lost” and doesn’t know Jesus at all… some are learning and just need help growing up in Jesus and maturing as believers. Are we really discipling others?)
**disclaimer** This post is NOT about any one couple or anyone in particular. I do know a lot of people that this could apply to where they have either been there, are there, or are headed there…. or were there, were coming out of it and now are struggling with it again… Take your pick but don’t even bother with trying to figure out “who is she talking about?” If the shoe fits, then wear it if you need to until you can get past this. And yes, we have been there so I am speaking from personal experience as well.**