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Believing for a better 2020! We have had a lot of tests and trials in 2019. Still going through some things and we truly believe 2020 will be better with the Lord’s help! Ever since we moved, we have had lots of things happen to test our faith… Lost tools, lost jobs/pay for work done, lost a parent, lost mother’s house to the fire, lost her pet, lost our washer and drier, lost a phone/stolen at school, and lost opportunities… but never lost faith in God who has carried us through in spite of difficulties… I thank God we are not fighting or angry or bitter about a lot of things that have happened. I thank God we still have hope and joy and peace even though we are struggling some… We know it will get better because God has good plans to prosper us!
We had a lot of good things happen in 2019, too. God blessed us with a great family and church family at Church 29:11. They have helped see us through. I got to start back to school, too and hopefully, Jerry will get to start back to school in 2020 once we get some records together for the school. Also, we led a small group and met new friends and had great studies. The kids are doing well in school and many of our family are doing better than ever. I just pray for continued growth and maturity in Christ Jesus our Lord and in knowledge of the Lord’s love! Bless you! Especially if you read this far, LOL! Love and hugs and blessings for the rest of the year and for 2020!

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Thoughts for November 16, 2019

I am going through a tough time right now. There are a lot of things I do not understand. But what I do know is that staying in God’s Word and praying and listening to Him is giving me His peace that passes understanding. I just shared from my journal post from November of 2011 the other day and it was about just that: the peace of God that passes understanding as spoken of in Philippians. I will say that whether or not me going back and posting these old journal entries and verses from my Scripture readings that spoke to my heart are helping anyone else, they are helping me. I thank God for ministering to me through His Word and His Spirit. I thank God for encouraging me to go back and post my old journal entries. Like I said, I hope it encourages others somewhere in the world, because it is definitely helping me. The Lord knew I would face these discouraging times and that like David, the psalmist, I should encourage myself in the Lord. I should remember all the good He has done, how faithful He has been, and I find great comfort in Him.

If you are going through difficult times, I encourage you to run to the Lord. Sit down with your Bible and hear His voice speak to you through His Word. His promises are “Yes” and “Amen” in Jesus Christ, our Lord (2 Cor. 1:20). You can trust Him and believe Him. I will yet praise Him forevermore. Even when it looks so bleak, I know what He has done in the past and He will complete the good work He began!!!

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Update Nov. 4, 2019

Just a quick update!

This is Angela and I am going to be posting all my journal entries from the past several years. It is my hope that you will see growth and revelation from the Lord along the way in these journal entries. I pray the Lord uses them for His glory. I feel led at this time to go ahead and do this. I was holding back for a while as we were going through, but I feel like now is the time to share these intimate thoughts with those whose lives may be touched.

At this time, Jerry has been working as a mobile mechanic in the area surrounding Birmingham, Alabama. We formed an LLC in March of 2019 but quickly realized that due to the mobile nature of his business, we did not have to have all the licensing and other overhead that mechanic shops have to have. So, he has been working and answering the calls we get from online ads and word of mouth. Business has been pretty good as the Lord has been sustaining us. It is truly a walk in faith because we rely on calls to come in for work to be done. Also, the weather can affect our income as well as anything else like our own car troubles. We must rely on the Lord to meet all of our needs and He always has. Sometimes it seems like He is going to be late, but He never is. Things do not always turn out like we thought they would, but usually they turn out better.

I write this update as we are facing some troubling times. Our washing machine motor quit spinning, our transmission went out on our Jeep, the weather has interrupted our income, we are late on some bills, and we are both starting to work on Bachelor degrees as full-time students, again. I praise the Lord because we have seen these kinds of times before and God always gets us through and He always has a great plan in mind when we see we are facing trouble. We walk by faith in Him and not by sight of what we see where we could give up if we did not walk by faith in Him. God saves those He loves from all their troubles! So I praise His holy name! And I will press on to tell others of His goodness, love, and sovereignty.

Have a blessed day!


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Exciting News for 2fools4Christ

Our Lord has really been making things happen. He is always at work whether we see it or not. We can believe that He is perfecting all there is concerning us and take great peace in knowing that He is all He says He is! (Psalms 138:8 and Philippians 1:6)

20181231_190418_Film3 (1)

We have not given an update in quite a while. There have been a lot of things happening!

We were able to take in my great-nephew almost a year and a half, ago. He just turned 2 years old and is doing very well. His parents are also doing well, both are in long-term, residential recovery programs.

I have been doing a lot of volunteer work with various ministries and individuals with publications and marketing, as well as serving on a team with Kairos Outside of North Alabama. About a year ago, I began helping others to publish their books with KDP, where they could sell them on and tons of other distributions as e-books and paperbacks. I self-published my own books, too. I felt led to start a business called PS95 PRESS to be able to help bring income into our house so we can be more of a blessing to others, get out of debt eventually, and get a bigger house. Everything has not come full circle just yet, but I am trusting in God’s timing and His love to lead us onward and upward for His glory.

Jerry has been self-employed for the past couple of years doing landscaping and working as a mobile mechanic. As his faith and confidence in the Lord are growing, he has been working more for himself as a mobile mechanic instead of being contracted as a landscape laborer. He does love to work outside and do landscaping, but he loves to work on cars and help other people more. He finally has been focused on the mobile mechanic business in the past few months and has seen a big increase in repeat and new customers. We both know that it is all because of our Lord and His hand on our lives. We could do nothing without Him but with Him we can do all He has called us to do. He sends customers and business just at the right times and He sends customers who need us as well as those who are a blessing to us. Sometimes Jerry gives people a big break just because he knows they need it. Other times, people pay him above what he asks, and you know that is God’s favor! I am also grateful to see that even though there have been a few that have tried to take advantage, that God reminds us that He rewards us for our labor, and we have been at peace and have been provided for, even when some have not paid. I am thankful to not speak ill of them or seek any revenge, but to have the Lord’s peace in these times and His heart of love is an indescribable joy that cannot be explained. Like I said, most of the time, we are blessed and are able to be a blessing and even when it may not seem like it every once in a while, we can go by what we know and not what we see in that moment.

Most of all, I want to tell you that God is faithful and He has been continually working in us to grow our faith and mold us more into His character. Of course we make mistakes every day, but I thank the Lord that instead of beating us down, He lifts us up by forgiving us, and teaching us. I have learned to seek His face early, every morning, over the past few years. He never fails to encourage me and to remind me of His love. He reminds me to tell the enemy to shut up and be silent because he has no power over me. The Lord gently reminds me to use soft words during the day and trust Him. When I blow it and yell at the kids or get frustrated, He is so sweet to remind me that He does not treat me that way and then He gives me another chance to learn and practice His will. He reminds me that I don’t have to be frustrated because I know that He is going to work all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He reminds me of all the times that I messed up, but He made it right. He reminds me of the times when I thought all was lost, but He made a way and showed me the way. His faithfulness is on full display in my life. No, I am not always faithful even though I want to be and wish that I was with all that I am. But, His faithfulness can be seen because He is the one who sustains us. We would not be here, still today, married and happy with three beautiful, intelligent, smiling children if it were not for Jesus!

The books I have helped to publish are:

Mary Priddy, My Redeeming Mess

Dr. Louise Leigh, PhD, Heart Bridge

Lloyd Renaud, Renaud’s Kingdom of Reality

Angela Dingler, From Affliction and Refinement to Fulfillment: Inside My Process

and The Lost and Found Merry-Go-Round, Poems

A couple of the websites that I have helped and set up are:


I have also helped the Offender Alumni Organization with fundraising, print and promotional items, as well as social media graphics. Visit them on Facebook @OffenderAlumniAssociation

Always, to God our Father be all the glory through Jesus Christ His Son, our Lord and Savior and in the power of His Holy Spirit and Love!

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August 1, 2017 Update

Wow, it has been a while since we last updated you all about what’s happening with us!

This is Angela and I will share what is up with me! I really want to go ahead and share some news about Jerry, but I feel like his insight will be best to share what he has been up to, lately. I will say that we are seeing miracles and God has been answering prayers. There is a mountain moved that we have been praying to be moved for a long time. God is faithful. I count on my Lord because He who promised is faithful.

Some exciting news for me to share is that I just finished writing my first book and self-published it on Amazon as an e-book. The paperback is also available on Amazon and I used CreateSpace for it. The book has received two five star reviews and that is quite exciting to me. No, it has not sold a million copies, yet. But the people I have shared the free version with have said it is very helpful to anyone suffering from depression or who knows someone who has. The best comment I received about my book is that it does point people to the Word of God for encouragement. My purpose in writing the book was to point people to the same source of comfort and help that I have found and that is Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. So, I am happy with the feedback, so far.

One thing going on with me is that my school closed and we are not sure yet if it is permanently closed or not. I pray that it re-opens but I am not sure how it will all work out. I do know that God is in control and has a great plan for each and everyone that this situation affects. I was going to continue my education at another college, but I have felt led to take at least a semester off to help my children with school, write another book, and help Jerry and his business partner with their new venture. We have a lot going on and we are trusting the Lord to continue to lead, guide, direct, uphold, and grow us.

Also, I am continuing to volunteer and serve with a couple of ministries and I have been invited to speak at a women’s conference this coming October. As always, I am available to speak to groups or share my testimony at anytime. You can contact me at if you would like more information. Also, I do have a Facebook page and the link is here.

May the Lord bless us all and keep all of us. May He turn His face towards us and shine His countenance upon us. May He be gracious to us and give us His peace.

Thank you for stopping by and we love you in Christ Jesus our Lord.

You can find the book here: Amazon “From Affliction and Refinement to Fulfillment”