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What Channel Are You On?

What channel are you on?

To what are you attuned?

Are you tuned in to this world?

Paying attention to its every bleep and blur?

With its every fear, do you concur?

Be careful what you receive.

You have been so deceived.

You think this world is everything

You echo its every ring.

I came to show you true love

And give you life more abundantly

Some of you, this, you believe

But what has become your focal reception?

Rejection, lies, hate, deceit?

Listen to your soul within

Lest your spirit remain unfed.

Tune in to Me and receive your daily bread.

The bread of life I break with you

And feed you gently, tenderly.

This act a thing unseen, not of this world,

As are the messages of love unfurled.

When at last you turn your attention,

You choose to correct your reception,

And change the channel of life, your soul,

And Me you choose to behold,

I am here, with you everywhere,

And, yes, I really do care.

Become attuned to Love, Hope, Joy

And share them with all.

For what you share with others

You share with Me.

What you believe is reality,

Is the reality you create.

Attune yourself to I Am,

To Jesus, the eternal Master.

Become a co-creator of that

Which is good, pure and holy.

What channel are you on?

What channel were you on?

What channel do you choose – to Be?

            written by Angela Dingler all rights reserved 2016

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Harmonious Humans

All of us, who by God were created

Are as a piano

White keys, black keys

Sharps and flats

Highs and lows

Majors and minors

All a part of God’s glorious song

His melody leaves none of us

Untouched, un-played, unsung

Separately, we can make a sound of music

Together we make beautiful, melodious, harmonious music

When we are in tune with our Maker

The more beautiful and wondrous the music

As a piano who is out of tune

We can make music, still

But not nearly as breathtakingly

As when we are in tune

With Him, with Love, with Light

With peace, with joy, with all

     by Angela Dingler All rights reserved 2016

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Beautiful Is Thine Soul

Beautiful is thine soul

Trapped deeply within

Longing for sweet release

Fear and Guilt form thine chains

Binding and choking thine sweet soul

As it yearneth for escape

The chance to love again

Love freely again

That Love can melt thine chains

Which bind thee and cause weeping of bitter tears

Feel that Love and that Joy

The warmth of their caress

The heat of their kiss

Feel the fear and guilt loosen

As the chains are melting away

Renewed hope and trust can re-open

The door which thee have shut

To thine Maker, thine creator

Thou must remember thou art thine soul

It is thine soul which are beautiful

Thine mind and body thou can change

Remember from where thine soul came

From where thy soul flew

Allow thine soul to soar again

To feel again

To love again

The love of God, thine Maker,

Thine Creator, thine Father

     written by Angela Dingler in 1996

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May This Be the Year That

May this be the year


instead of grumbling and complaining

we pray and we praise

We are grateful.

instead of telling God all about our problems

we tell our problems about our GOD

We trust the LORD.

instead of telling everything that’s wrong

we talk about what all is right

We focus on the good.

instead of speaking out our doubts and fears

we proclaim truth from GOD’s Word

We declare the promises.

instead of filling our minds with whatever is on TV

we purposely renew our minds with the Word

We feed our spirit.

instead of being consumed by entertainment

we get up and go out and be the church

We entertain angels, unaware.

instead of begging GOD

we believe GOD

We walk by faith.

instead of just hearing and agreeing with God’s Word

we do what we say that we believe

We walk out our faith.

instead of worrying so much about how we look

we examine our hearts, daily

We look in GOD’s mirror.

instead of following just a diet and exercise routine

we fast and pray and flex our spirit

We are changed from the inside out.

instead of listening to doom and gloom

we practice seeing the view from God

We get GOD’s perspective.

instead of being conformed to this world

we break the mold and follow the example that Jesus set

We transform the world.

instead of seeking popularity and approval from men

we live to please our Father

We live for an audience of One.

instead of worrying about what everyone thinks about us

we walk in the knowledge and the power of who our Father says that we are

We walk in Christ.

instead of measuring everything by worldly success

we compare everything to GOD’s standards

We set the standard.

instead of fitting in and blending in

we stand firm in the Truth and in our faith

We contend for our faith and for Truth.

instead of hiding in the dark

we fan the flame within us

We shine like stars in a world full of darkness.

by Angela Dingler 1/2/2016

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A Dark Embrace (written by Angela in 2004)



A Dark Embrace

Have you ever lived in a dark embrace?

Feeling a sense of false security and comfort?

The darkness, at first, may have seemed safe because it reminded you of a secret place where you used to hide.

Or maybe it reminded you of being tucked safely into your bed at night.

In time you became so comfortable with the darkness of the embrace,

that you let down all of your guard and allowed the darkness to seep deeply within your very soul.

The dark embrace, having darkness in its very nature, has no light to share.

It has no warmth, no sincerity, no caring and no love to share with you.

You never realized until it was almost too late,

that the dark embrace is most closely related to a black hole.

The dark embrace will suck up all of the resources within you and your very soul.

The dark embrace thrives

on your light, your warmth, your sincerity, your relationships, your dreams and all that you are.

The dark embrace never returns any of these priceless and precious resources to you.

It has no ability to produce its own light, warmth, caring, sincerity, relationships, dreams or love.

The dark embrace sucks you in, never to be released.

When you finally realize that you are almost bone dry and have nothing left to give,

you are so weak

that all you can do

is exist

as darkly as the dark embrace that envelops you.

***The dark embrace can be represent anything… anything that is not from the LORD. Any sin, any drug, any relationship, any emotion – that is not pleasing to the LORD – can be your dark embrace. THERE IS HOPE! Jesus came to set us free from the darkness and to bring us into His glorious kingdom of light! Do you want to be set free from a dark embrace? Call upon Jesus! He has defeated every foe: the world, the flesh, the devil, sin, death and hell! Trust in Jesus, today and be set free*** Note added 8/25/2014 by Angela Dingler