Prayer Journaling

Prayer Journaling

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I’ve been keeping a prayer journal for several years now. This daily ritual helps me remain focused so my mind does not wander. It’s also a record of my requests. I can go back and look at how God has worked in my life. This is part of what I wrote this morning:

Dear Heavenly Father,

It is the dawn of a New Year and I look forward to all the possibilities it holds. But I will need Your perfect guidance in my life. Please be there to silence the lies of the enemy and remind me of whom I am in You. Help me rest in Your truth. Grant me clarity of purpose and the courage to carry out Your will in every aspect of my life.

As I was praying this morning, I was prompted to turn to the prayer I wrote January 1, 2015. Reading that prayer…

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2 thoughts on “Prayer Journaling

  1. I also like to do this. The thing is b that I don’t seem to stay consistent. I do it awhile then get off track and then I begin again and the cycle continues. Regardless, I love to find an old notebook and look through it. As I read some of my praises written to the Lord or maybe some desperate plea’s to the Lord it is good for my soul. The written praises fill me with overflowing love for my King and I so many times read prayer requests that were answered in amazing ways. I think sometimes it is good to remember exactly how desperate we felt at that time and see now that we are looking back into what happened instead of looking ahead into the unknown future, it helps to build our faith. We can know God is with us and taking care of us and we can always trust that as Romans 8:28 says… (Paraphrased) He works ALL THINGS for the good to those who love Him and who are called

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