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Revelation from the LORD from the Hebrew Aleph-Bet BRGDABA

Revelation from the LORD from the Hebrew Aleph-Bet

On October 24, 2014 as I was lying in bed and praying and getting ready to go to sleep, I saw the letters BRGDABA. This, of course, did not make any sense to me. That is not an English word and the letters do not stand for anything. When I saw the letters, I looked intensely at them so that I would remember them. I was thinking that the LORD must be showing them to me for a reason and that they did have a meaning to them. I felt that I should look those letters up the next morning and see what significance there may be to them. I also was impressed that there was a biblical meaning or a meaning to them that would come from Hebrew or Greek as in the original text of the Bible.

When I woke up on October 25, 2014, I went about my normal routine until about 9:00 a.m. and that was when I remembered the mysterious letters from the night before, BRGDABA. I did feel led to write down every step of my research. I knew that this was not coming from me at all and that I would need to document everything that I learned in the process of researching what this strange vision of these letters and their order meant. I do have everything written down: the web sites that I searched and the notes that I took from the different interpretations of the individual Hebrew letters. At first, I searched for BRGDABA as a word. Believe me, there was really nothing out there. For me, this confirmed that I should look for BRGDABA as a Hebrew phrase or word or the individual letters coming together to make a statement of some sort.

As I researched each individual letter that would coincide with BRGDABA, my mind was blown. I had no idea of the complexity of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet and how each little mark meant something so huge. This study put a whole new meaning to the phrase “every jot and tittle” in the passage in Mark 5:17-18 where Jesus says:  “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.  For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

Here is my handwritten version in Hebrew of BRGDABA:

Angela handwritten BRGDABA in Hebrew

I completely understand and know that I am not an expert in Hebrew and that I have only looked at this for a short period of time. I know that I have no experience reading or writing Hebrew. However, the LORD put this in my heart to research, study and learn and also to share what He showed me through all of this…. I had to attempt writing this out in Hebrew because I could not find a way to get images or write this in Hebrew with the computer – without paying for some program or something. There may be something out there but this is what the LORD laid on my heart to do.

I have all of my notes from the time that I spent looking at these letters. Right now I am going to share with you all what I feel that the LORD was conveying to us by giving me BRGDABA and leading me to look it up in Hebrew as individual letters of the Aleph-Bet and making a statement to us with the order and meaning of the letters coming together. I had not been working on putting this all together for several days and I felt the LORD tugging at me to complete this and get it posted. So, last night and this morning, this is what came to me:

November 27, 2014

Thursday 7:00 a.m.


I felt very impressed yesterday and this morning to finally bring a conclusion to what the LORD showed me with BRGDABA – or a beginning J

I at least felt that the LORD was bringing it all together and that I should post this on our blog –

Without looking at my notes yesterday evening I asked the LORD to show me what everything that I found out about the Hebrew alphabet (Aleph-bet) and BRGDABA meant. I was allowing my thoughts (consciousness) about it all to come together under the LORD’S direction and felt amazement wash over me and awe. Before I go over my notes or look anything else up – I am going to write down what came together in front of me:

B – Bet

  • God created heaven and earth – in the beginning
  • God also had spiritual and natural realms that were created
  • Temporal and eternal purposes
  • The temporal only has a glimpse of the eternal

R – Resh

  • God created man in His image and because man chose to sin and rebel against God, he is like a man who has nothing
  • Man has no understanding and nothing good to give of himself

G- Gimmel

  • So God redeems man by sending His Son and the Holy Spirit to comfort, teach, lead and guide him
  • God gives man the gift of His Son and His Holy Spirit
  • Redemption and His presence
  • God pays the price to have fellowship with His creation, mankind, to bring Him near, to cleanse his conscience, to commune with him, to make him clean, to make him able to see and hear Him

D – Dalet

  • When man receives and accepts gimmel’s gift/or God’s gift of redemption through Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and is filled with the Holy Spirit – then man becomes a dalet
  • When man becomes a dalet, he is a person who understands and who seeks God and who lives to please God
  • When man is a dalet, he now has good works to do and good thoughts and words to share

A – Ayin

  • Once man accepts God’s gift of redemption and is now a dalet instead of a resh, he is made alive spiritually with Christ and is given the Holy Spirit
  • He can now see clearly the difference between good and evil
  • He can now see clearly the choice that he has between serving God, himself, the world or the devil
  • True spiritual sight with God’s Light is given to man when he is redeemed by the Savior

B – Bet

  • As has been from the beginning, God always has eternal purposes and He has promised that His people would reign on earth with Him for eternity
  • Even He has said salvation is to the Jew first and then to the Gentile even though all are one in Christ
  • He promised salvation through faith in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament
  • He promised a new heaven and a new earth
  • He promised a new earth where He, God, will indeed dwell with His people in the New Jerusalem
  • The old is passing away and He is doing a new thing – can we not yet now perceive it?
  • Bet appears here in BRGDABA because old things are passing away and a new beginning is coming – the eternal reign, the latter reign

A – Aleph

  • God Almighty, He is One, He is Creator and is in all, above all, under all, throughout all time and space and forever has been, is and will be.
  • He is Holy of holies, All powerful, All knowing, All seeing, Ever hearing, He goes beyond human understanding
  • He is our Creator and He will dwell among us and be in our midst in the New Jerusalem, in the new heaven and earth.
  • He truly is coming to rule and to reign and His people will be His people and He will be their God and there will be no more need for the sun for He shall be our Light and all those who love Him will be with Him and live in His complete and perfect Peace!
  • Aleph is the most complete picture of Almighty God

The reason bet is mentioned first in the Torah is that for human understanding and the way history is seen by man – bet, or the creation of the earth is what was first – but God is always eternal – the bet (and the way it is formed or written) cannot see into heaven, the future or below – only present and past – God has always seen and intended for Aleph – the time when He and His children – those who love Him – will be reconciled forever and will rule and reign with Him in eternity.

The Aleph is a picture of this –

The coming together of every piece of the puzzle.

Without going back to my notes, I cannot explain that further – but wow – I am blown away – more came to me as I was writing everything down – it was a bare outline in my thoughts but as I was writing it all out this morning, that is what the LORD was giving me. I am excited to see what come of this – I really don’t know and I’m not inviting or counting on anything but for what the LORD ordains anoints and appoints. Draw those whom You desire, LORD, to read and to see and to understand. As always, LORD, may Your will alone be done in me and through me for Your glory and honor and praise – You alone are worthy of any praise – I set myself completely aside to be used by You – an empty vessel LORD, to be filled by You and used for Your glory. I trust that You will bring those whom You desire to read and to comment. Protect us – I know You do – You protect, lead, guide and confide in those who love You, LORD, and I thank You! Thank You, LORD!

*The web sites that I visited while looking up information were: and I looked at various pages on each of these sites.


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