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Why Are We Attacked Spiritually and Physically (8/15/14 by Jerry)

Why are we attacked spiritually and physically?

We look on the news and we hear about Christians being attacked openly and nobody seems to care. But Jesus told or tells us in the Word that if they persecuted Him that we would also be persecuted.  When we believe in Jesus our troubles don’t just magically go away but we have God walking with us. A lot of brothers and sisters forget about their faith at the first sign of trouble but when something comes our way whether by our own stupidity or for being a believer that’s when we hang onto our Savior even more.

People and other religions attack Christians because our Lord tells us to love those that hate us, do good to those who persecute us, that is what our Lord tells us to do. There is power in the Word of God and people hate us for clinging to our God in times of trouble. We are not to fear man who can only kill the body but not the soul. We are to fear God because He can send the soul to hell!

The Bible tells us that as time goes on that men and women are going to get more and more evil and that men and women would lust for the same sex. If we as Christians do the things our Father tells us to do everything will be good for us even if we die. To die is gain and be with Christ. Let’s not cling to this earth and worldly possessions that are so temporal. Let’s worry about being about our Father’s business and following the two great commands that Jesus gave us. Love the Lord your and my  God with all our heart, soul and body and love your neighbor as yourself.

We as modern day Christians have had it made as far as us believing and nobody bothering us, here in America, but if we read the  Bible we see that Christians have been persecuted from the start. If persecution does come our way, let’s have faith that our God is with us and that we are going to follow Him even if it cost us our life. 

Another thing I’d like to mention: I know that in every day living it’s easy to forget what Jesus did for us. But if we keep that in our thoughts every day it will be much easier to face our trials and troubles that we face every day. Let us as Christians shine forth the light that God gave us in our ever darkening world and let the love of Christ rain on the lost so that the lost people of the world will see the Light and love the Father gave us and desire Him, also.


This blog is for anyone who wants to know more about Jesus and His love and how faith in Him plays out in real life application. Hello, we are Jerry and Angela and we are two fools for Christ. We have decided to make our lives totally surrendered to Jesus in response to His love and His gift of salvation. We are in our early 40′s and we have two children together and [Angela has] an older daughter that is now an adult. We have been married to each other for going on ten years. We surrendered our lives to the Lord together in 2010 and have been growing in that relationship with Him and each other since that time. We both accepted salvation and made professions of faith earlier in our lives, but did not make Him Lord and Savior until 2010. At that time we realized that trying to walk in our own strength and our own ways was useless and empty and had led us to another rock bottom experience. We humbly turned our lives over to Jesus and have been seeking Him with all that we are ever since. That does not mean that we have become perfect. That does not mean that we have not sinned again. That does not mean that we have not had trouble or trials or storms since that time. What this means is that we are growing, we are learning, we are becoming more loving and compassionate and forgiving. We want to share our faith with our readers. We want to share our growth process and transformation with you. We wish to encourage you and lift you.

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