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A Dark Embrace (written by Angela in 2004)



A Dark Embrace

Have you ever lived in a dark embrace?

Feeling a sense of false security and comfort?

The darkness, at first, may have seemed safe because it reminded you of a secret place where you used to hide.

Or maybe it reminded you of being tucked safely into your bed at night.

In time you became so comfortable with the darkness of the embrace,

that you let down all of your guard and allowed the darkness to seep deeply within your very soul.

The dark embrace, having darkness in its very nature, has no light to share.

It has no warmth, no sincerity, no caring and no love to share with you.

You never realized until it was almost too late,

that the dark embrace is most closely related to a black hole.

The dark embrace will suck up all of the resources within you and your very soul.

The dark embrace thrives

on your light, your warmth, your sincerity, your relationships, your dreams and all that you are.

The dark embrace never returns any of these priceless and precious resources to you.

It has no ability to produce its own light, warmth, caring, sincerity, relationships, dreams or love.

The dark embrace sucks you in, never to be released.

When you finally realize that you are almost bone dry and have nothing left to give,

you are so weak

that all you can do

is exist

as darkly as the dark embrace that envelops you.

***The dark embrace can be represent anything… anything that is not from the LORD. Any sin, any drug, any relationship, any emotion – that is not pleasing to the LORD – can be your dark embrace. THERE IS HOPE! Jesus came to set us free from the darkness and to bring us into His glorious kingdom of light! Do you want to be set free from a dark embrace? Call upon Jesus! He has defeated every foe: the world, the flesh, the devil, sin, death and hell! Trust in Jesus, today and be set free*** Note added 8/25/2014 by Angela Dingler


This blog is for anyone who wants to know more about Jesus and His love and how faith in Him plays out in real life application. Hello, we are Jerry and Angela and we are two fools for Christ. We have decided to make our lives totally surrendered to Jesus in response to His love and His gift of salvation. We are in our early 40′s and we have two children together and [Angela has] an older daughter that is now an adult. We have been married to each other for going on ten years. We surrendered our lives to the Lord together in 2010 and have been growing in that relationship with Him and each other since that time. We both accepted salvation and made professions of faith earlier in our lives, but did not make Him Lord and Savior until 2010. At that time we realized that trying to walk in our own strength and our own ways was useless and empty and had led us to another rock bottom experience. We humbly turned our lives over to Jesus and have been seeking Him with all that we are ever since. That does not mean that we have become perfect. That does not mean that we have not sinned again. That does not mean that we have not had trouble or trials or storms since that time. What this means is that we are growing, we are learning, we are becoming more loving and compassionate and forgiving. We want to share our faith with our readers. We want to share our growth process and transformation with you. We wish to encourage you and lift you.

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