Another Truth Learned – Without Him I Can Do Nothing – by Angela of 2fools4Christ

Another Truth Learned – Without Him I Can Do Nothing – by Angela of 2fools4Christ

Even being born again and a follower of Jesus Christ and loving Him – if I am not in Him, in fellowship with Him, putting Him first and keeping my mind stayed on Him – if I am not led by the Holy Spirit and Spirit filled – I can do nothing.

Anything I’ve ever tried to do my way or without His leadership or without His Spirit – has failed, fell flat, was not enough, fell short…

On my own, in my own strength, in my own timing, in my own talents I am useless…

But in the Father’s hands, filled with His Spirit, in the name and authority of Jesus, sharing the love of Jesus Christ and the gospel with others – then He is glorified and I get to share in His joy and peace! Amazing and more!

Even getting out of bed and cleaning, cooking, disciplining & playing with my children –
even every little every day type of thing that I need or want to do –
for maximum success, impact, joy, eternal reward, ease of doing so –
I need Jesus every hour.

I believe that is why we are told to pray without ceasing
to abide in the vine, as we are the branch and He is the vine
all of our sustenance comes from Jesus
all good fruits of the Spirit come from being filled by the Spirit
I get too distracted some days but each day is sweeter
when I begin the day with Him and remember Him all day in every task

Oh, LORD, help me remember to remember you every moment just like you are right here in the room with me and by my side every minute. You are in me and I am in You and that should be easy to remember and to realize. I pray that distractions are gone in Jesus’ name. I pray, LORD, that You gently remind me that You will never leave me nor forsake me and that goes for bad times, good times and all the dull times in between where life happens that we take for granted. LORD, take my life and let it be all for You. May You and You alone be glorified in my life, LORD, and in the lives of my family. We love you, LORD, and we acknowledge our need for You. We thank You that You love us and that You transform us with Your power and might. May we walk along the Everlasting Way with You in Your strength and in the spiritual armor that You have provided and all of the equipping that You have done. Thank You, LORD. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Another Truth Learned – Without Him I Can Do Nothing – by Angela of 2fools4Christ

    1. LOL Thank you! I was thinking about when Jesus called Peter to be His disciple and He said that He would make Peter a fisher of men. So glad you like the look 🙂
      I gonna hop on over to see some new inspirations from you in a few ❤


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