The Devil’s Best?

The Devil’s Best?


I was able to visit Jerry in jail last night. One of the things that we were talking about was “the devil’s best.” Jerry told me how he had been sharing with a younger cell mate who has two small children. The cell mate was telling Jerry that he was afraid that he was going to have to spend a lot of time in prison and miss his children growing up. Jerry had already told the guy about how Jesus has changed his own life. This younger cell mate had come back to talk to Jerry some more about what he could be facing.

Jerry told this fellow prisoner: “If you keep playing around with the devil, the only best that the devil has for you is here (in jail or prison) or dead. If you don’t choose Jesus and let Him change your life, then you are choosing to let the devil have your life. The devil wants you imprisoned, with no freedom, your life destroyed or you dead.”

Jerry also explained to him how he knows this other than reading it in the Bible – he knows it because he has spent many years in jail and prison – because he thought that he could live his own way, enjoy what he wanted and not hurt anyone or anything. Jerry has lived this and knows this from experience. He has tested this theory in his own life and has seen the results of being a slave to sin. Sin is pleasurable but for just a season! Sin is wrong because it hurts us and others around us and it will reap it’s own reward which is death and destruction!

Also, Jerry shared with his cell mate that a life serving Jesus is so much more rewarding, not only when we die and get to see Jesus face to face, but also here on earth. Jerry shared the love that he has been given by God through a wife, children, extended family, friends and a church family that is supportive and loving. He also talked about how the peace of God that comes with living a life with Jesus as Lord. The small things that we take for granted, like laughing with our children or hugging our wife, are what Jerry said are the most beautiful.

Jerry’s cell mate’s reason for being in jail was related to substance abuse. Jerry and I both have come from that background. For me, being sober and being fully “in” the moment with my family is precious! How I ever chose to drink, take pills or smoke marijuana and think that I would enjoy those moments more than being fully sober is such a mystery, now. I do understand. I have been there. But, now, being sober and loving it – living life on life’s terms and being able to face problems head on and with Jesus’ strength and power at work in my life – being able to laugh a genuine and sober giggle with my children – is far more precious than any drug or alcohol induced haze.

Come out with us! Listen to Jesus knock on the door of your heart! Do you want to be free and to know that Jesus is Lord of your life? Please join us in the family of God!



The Power of the Gospel! God’s Best!

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