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Jerry in Jail – Good? How?

Feeling led to share in a way that is clear with everyone because I was somewhat scattered in my focus and sharing last week.

Jerry, my husband and best friend and partner in ministry –

is in jail.

Yes, he is in jail right now. I did not really want to share that this clearly for a few reasons, but I trust in the Lord that He is our Protector and Deliverer and I have no fear in sharing this.

Shocker for most and for us as well. This was not expected to happen right now. Jerry and I began a blog to share our story in all of the ugly and the beauty of what God can and will do and is doing. We are compelled to share the gospel and to lift high the name of Jesus. Not us! Our story, our lives do not point to us at all because without God and His grace and mercy, we are nothing. That is not hard to see in our lives. When not led by God, without following Jesus and taking every thought captive, when we rely on our own understanding, we are lost.

Here is some of the beauty that I hope you can see. Jerry is in jail, right where God wants for him to be right now so that he can share his story about how Jesus is real to him and changed his life and made him whole.

Yes, Jerry is also in jail because of crime that he committed in 2010. Yes, Jerry is also in jail because he relapsed in Nov. 2013 and had contact with the police. The entire events of that night are unclear, but one thing is clear, he was charged with being under the influence and he is waiting on his court date. Yes, even though Jerry has fallen in the struggle with alcohol during the past several months – God picked him back up every morning with His mercy that is new every morning for every believer. Jerry has been believing that and in God’s unfailing love and forgiveness and humbling himself before the Lord every time that he has fallen. Yes, he has fallen and struggled, but his resolve to serve the Lord and know Him better and be in His perfect will has grown with every fall. Just like a baby learning to walk, Jerry got back up under the Lord’s hand and grabbing His hand and has taken new and more steps towards the Lord. For that I am truly grateful. For the fact that Jerry has continuously sought the Lord every time that the devil has tempted him, even when Jerry allowed temptation to get the best of him, and that God kept His hand upon him, kept him safe, brought him home to his family, and kept Jerry’s heart tender to His touch and has drawn Jerry back to Him – I am happy and count this as answered prayer and evidence of God’s grace and mercy and saving and resurrection power.

Jerry’s struggle with this particular sin is very visible and the consequences very high. It is hard to understand how a person could ever be tempted to do something that could cost him his freedom and cause his loved ones so much pain. But God has used this to change me and to help me see that I must rely and trust only and wholly in Him. And God has taught me and Jerry much more about what a heart knowledge of His love, forgiveness and will is. All of us struggle with sin. Some sins are not as visible and the consequences do not appear to be as high. What is our motivation for not sinning? What is our motivation for not wanting our spouses, our friends, our family to sin? God dealt with me about how I wanted Him to fix Jerry so that our lives would be more secure. I shouldn’t pray for God’s will and then tell him how and when I want Him to do it. I shouldn’t want God to fix others for my convenience. I shouldn’t want my life to be comfortable and convenient so I can have no trouble or pain and forget about the Holy Spirit bearing fruit in my life. God gently whispered to me to let Him work in me to resolve my own imperfections and get out of His way so that He could continue working in Jerry for His glory – and not mine….

Jerry told me right before we left to go see his probation officer that God had a place for him to start ministering to people that he could help with his story and that God would put him right where he needed to be. Jerry also said right before we left that he knew that the devil was going to attack us because we started the video blog and because we were so committed to serving the Lord and sharing the gospel. But Jerry said that he didn’t care what the attack was or what happened; that he was going to serve the Lord for the rest of his life without turning away from the Lord ever again.

These are the kinds of things we have been talking about for a very long time. Especially after Nov. 2013 and after Jerry went to an inpatient Christian rehab. center early in 2014. Jerry left there early and now I know why. God changed him and healed him of some deep hurts there. Jerry went there voluntarily to dedicate his life to Jesus and to seek Him with all of his heart, mind, soul and strength. He could have left there when he began missing us and doubts crept in and he became worried and overcome with the desire to leave and come home. But, he chose to trust the Lord and put Him above us, his wife and his kids. That took guts. I admire him for that. I saw the fruit of that. Several weeks later when he did come home – I truly saw that Jerry was more of the man that God intended for him to be. Our marriage was totally renewed, better than ever, in every way! The kids minded and had a strange calmness and respect that came from the work of God in Jerry’s heart and life. I can’t explain it all… But God did a work. We cut off the TV except for cartoons every once in a while, under Jerry’s direction. We spent more time talking, laughing, playing, reading the Word, praying – as a family. We kept our morning quiet time ritual, too. Jerry’s leadership as our spiritual leader was strong. I saw him at his strongest.

For anyone wondering, Jerry has been applying for jobs for almost 2 years. He finished going to college for a degree as an Automotive Service Tech, but has not had any blessing for getting a job in that career. He has done some work for individuals that has gone well, but no job. He has interviews that seem promising until they get to his record. You can’t blame them. But he has kept looking for a job and kept applying and interviewing and emailing. He has done just about any job that has been offered to make money for our family. God has provided several small and odd jobs here and there and even a “job.” Employment doors have remained closed or closed after opening. Our prayer has been for God’s will. For Him to open the doors for us that He wants us to walk through and to close the doors that He doesn’t want for us to walk through.

My point is that our idea of success and God’s is different. Our way to success and our idea of what looks like we are bringing God glory doesn’t always go with what God knows is best. Jerry is in jail. How is that good? Well, Jerry knew from what God revealed to his heart that God was going to put him right where he needed to be in order to minister to others. He also knew that the devil thought he was going to hurt us. Well, God takes what the devil meant for evil and turns it for a blessing. Joseph was in prison, Paul was in prison, Daniel was put in the lion’s den. God knows best and we trust Him no matter what. The Bible is also full of men and women who fell and who God redeemed and used for His glory. Paul himself said that he struggled with not doing what he wanted to do that was right and doing what he didn’t want to do that he knew was wrong. The fact that we are struggling, that our spirit is struggling against our flesh and that we are seeking to follow and know Jesus more every day is a testimony that He has given us new life, that we are born again.

As believers and followers of Jesus, we reach out to anyone who wants to know Jesus. We share our story.  We do not boast in ourselves at all. We do not say that we are strong. We do not say that we are sinless. We say that in our weakness that He is strong. In our failures He loves us and picks us up and dusts us off and helps us get back up and walk in Him and abide in Him another day, to share His love. When we are “doing well” and walking in His strength and power and not our own and wearing and using the spiritual armor that He gave us, it is by His grace and His work in us to will and to act according to His good pleasure. No, we do not brag about a thing but God and His Son Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the only way to the Father. He paid the price for our sins to be forgiven, He tells us to walk in His righteousness and not our own. He has blessed us with the ministry of reconciliation – to share with our fellow man that all who come to Jesus can know Him and be found, made whole, made new, be saved. Salvation is for anyone who will believe in Jesus. There is no difference between race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, social status… nothing. We are all in need of a Savior, Jesus.

Jerry is in jail and we can rejoice because we know that God is with him and our family even though we are apart, God is with each of us and is keeping us in His peace. I saw Jerry in jail and he was almost glowing because he said that God was giving him peace of mind. He said that he was sharing our testimony and Jesus with those who wanted to listen. He said that he was resolved to trust in the Lord. Jerry said not to worry or keep talking about what might happen, but just to trust the Lord. As his wife, I can say that Jerry encouraged me with his faith and love for the Lord. I got a call from someone Friday morning letting me know that Jerry could have his reading glasses if I would bring them to the jail. He said that Jerry really wanted his glasses because he was having trouble reading the Bible. He said that he was very serious about getting them so that he could read the Bible. He also said that Jerry wanted us to know that he missed us but that his spirit was good.

Thank You Lord! Thank You that You are working in us to will and to act according to Your plan and that You prepared all of these things in advance. May many come to know Jesus wherever You take me and Jerry and our family.


This blog is for anyone who wants to know more about Jesus and His love and how faith in Him plays out in real life application. Hello, we are Jerry and Angela and we are two fools for Christ. We have decided to make our lives totally surrendered to Jesus in response to His love and His gift of salvation. We are in our early 40′s and we have two children together and [Angela has] an older daughter that is now an adult. We have been married to each other for going on ten years. We surrendered our lives to the Lord together in 2010 and have been growing in that relationship with Him and each other since that time. We both accepted salvation and made professions of faith earlier in our lives, but did not make Him Lord and Savior until 2010. At that time we realized that trying to walk in our own strength and our own ways was useless and empty and had led us to another rock bottom experience. We humbly turned our lives over to Jesus and have been seeking Him with all that we are ever since. That does not mean that we have become perfect. That does not mean that we have not sinned again. That does not mean that we have not had trouble or trials or storms since that time. What this means is that we are growing, we are learning, we are becoming more loving and compassionate and forgiving. We want to share our faith with our readers. We want to share our growth process and transformation with you. We wish to encourage you and lift you.

4 thoughts on “Jerry in Jail – Good? How?

  1. Angela, You have such a wonderful way with words! I look forward to seeing what God is going to do with that talent. Thank you for being so honest and transparent. It is refreshing and will help others to see that they need to take the mask off and be real. I pray God continue bless you, Jerry and your family and that you stay strong in your faith.

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    1. Thank you, Janice, for the encouragement! God is so good and we just feel led to share what He puts on our hearts. He also asked us to be real. (the crying videos are too real – watch with eyes closed, lol) We thank you and Mr. Franklin for your part in our story. Royal Pines was a huge blessing. I didn’t understand Jerry leaving at first but I did trust Jerry that God told him to go ahead and leave. Now I think God showed me that it was because He knew He was sending Jerry to jail for a bit, maybe even out of state. God wanted us to see our love and marriage renewed miraculously before he went and to see our love for Him together as husband and wife like a miracle I cannot describe. Anyway, thank you for your compliment and we just thank God and pray for Him to receive all glory and honor and praise! We look forward to what He is doing, too and pray that many come to know His love and salvation.


  2. Hi,
    Move forward in the relationship very cautiously. Seek Gid for great discernment. The only reason people leave rehab early is because they think they are good enough to donut in their own. And they NEVER are.

    If he won’t go and stay to complete the full rehab , don’t let him back in the house.


    1. Kelly, I do and did respect your advice and understand where you are coming from with the advice. Thank you for commenting and for taking the time to do so and to care!
      You are right in that the decisions regarding how to love my husband through this time must come from seeking the Lord’s face first and His wisdom and love to guide me and strengthen me and our marriage and family through this time.
      In our particular situation I do believe that God did a rehabilitation of His own in Jerry while he was at the inpatient treatment center and also while he was in jail for 26 days. I had said before, in 2010, that if Jerry ever drank again at all, that he would need to go and live at the Salvation Army and find somewhere else to live. But God told me differently! God is not for this. Neither is He for giving up on people. Both Jerry and I have been seeking the Lord diligently since 2010 and His plan is being fulfilled. To us it is slowly but surely, at times. Sometimes we want God to hurry up and fix us or our loved one. God’s timing is perfect. His plan is good and perfect. We may not always understand, but we can trust Him.
      I do understand what you were saying with: “If he won’t go and stay to complete the full rehab, don’t let him back in the house.” That is good advice maybe for someone who is not seeking the Lord and who just wants to stay in the cycle of addiction and is not willing to be committed to his or her family. Also, good advice for someone who is physically or verbally abusive. In our situation, this was not the case. Nor was Jerry back to drinking every day. It is important to note that while his drinking had been a struggle and then an increasing in frequency occurrence, he was no where near back to where we came from in the past. I have seen evidence of God’s work in both of our lives, daily. God told me to love my husband through this time and encourage him in the Lord and continue praying for him and with him for God’s deliverance. We each need to trust what the Lord tells us and then be willing to do it.
      I am glad that Jerry is home and is doing well. God granted him a full-time job last week, also. Keep praying for both of us and just know that God is able and more than willing to keep us and to make us stand in Him for His glory. That is our prayer. We are thankful and believing by faith in Him and in His Word and we are promised this and so we believe. Thanks again for your care! I apologize for taking so long to respond. We have had court dates, job hunts, end of school, etc…. God bless you!


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