My Hope Is In Jesus God Has a Good Plan

My response to Jerry being taken into custody for a probation violation. The incident occurred in Nov. 2013. He has not been able to enter a plea of “not guilty.” However, the state chose to consider just being charged a violation of probation and the state has taken him into custody. This came as a shock as we were told that no action would be taken unless a conviction took place in court. This is why we are so committed to following Jesus. We are still reaping consequences for past sins. God still loves us and is still with us, and He will guide us through this with His mercy and grace and He will be glorified through our lives. We do reap what we sow and that fact is straight from the Bible. Sometimes God will spare us from some of the consequences of sin and sometimes He will allow us to go through refining fires to purify and strengthen our faith. That is my prayer. That our faith is made purer and stronger in Jesus as we go through being apart as husband and wife, father and mother to our children together – and that our walk with the Lord is fortified – and that glory and honor are brought to the Lord through this time of trial and tribulation. All glory and honor and praise belong to Jesus, may You, O LORD be glorified by our lives as we continue to seek You and surrender more and more of our hearts and lives to You.

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